The Sword of Etheria

Sword of Etheria

Sword of Etheria

Nice game in Etheria.

There's no 'You' or 'I' in 'Unit'. No, hang on, that's not right. There's... Look, I've never been much cop at these prep talks. Or group sports. Or Big Team Battle. Or anything involving teamwork in general really. Set me up as a sniper covering your back in Ghost Recon on Xbox Live and you'll be licking asphalt before I put down the beer, finish the Maltesers and catch LisaSimpson45 victoriously humping your limp wireframe model in my distracted scope. Remember last week when that bloke spouted all that nonsense about single-player games being masturbatory? Well colour me blind and count me calloused: I like it that way. In real life, sure, come round my house, borrow my sugar, take my coffee; let me get that door for you. In-game: piss off and leave me alone. I'm Rambo. I'm The Punisher. I'm the Lone-freakin'-Ranger.

OK: technically I'm just a closet geek that should probably chase some more sunlight but still: I don't work with nobody. So it's a bit of a problem for me when a single-player game like Sword of Etheria requires teaming up with its AI. I've been burned too many times by pig-thick AI comrades shuffling in front of my rocket launcher just as the trigger goes click and my world goes boom. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Run a Google search for Sword of Etheria and it won't turn up much. So where's this game even come from? Here's the story: When Dynasty Warriors impregnated Devil May Cry, nine months later their baby was delivered by Genji in a Tokyo hospital. They named him Over Zenith before shortening that to OZ. When OZ grew up he moved to Korea and changed his name to Chains of Power for tax reasons. Soon he tried to emigrate to America but was denied access by SCEA, so changed his name altogether to Sword of Etheria and sought asylum in Europe.

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