Surgeon Simulator 2013

Shaking off accusations of YouTube bait

After Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, Bossa spreads its wings.

In April 2013 superstar YouTuber PewDiePie played Surgeon Simulator, a game about clumsily performing operations, and made a video about it. It's had 11.5m views.

Surgeon Simulator comes to iPad tonight, sans one arm

UPDATE: New multiplayer mode adds competitive operations.

UPDATE 13/03/2014: We've heard back from Bossa about Surgeon Simulator's multiplayer. According to the developer, this new mode has two players compete with each other to complete a surgery the fastest.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 goes to space in free DLC

Introduces "Top Secret World-Stopping Secret Content" in ARG Codename: Trisha.

Surgeon Simulator 2013's new content is out of this world... literally. Developer Bossa Studios has added an update allowing player character Nigel to continue his life-saving escapades in space. Finally, you can see what it's like to perform Brain Surgery and Kidney Surgery in zero gravity.

Operate on the Team Fortress 2 Medic and Heavy with free Surgeon Simulator 2013 update

Surgeon Simulator 2013 players can now operate on the Medic and Heavy from Valve's Team Fortress 2.

The update that adds the characters is free to those who already own the game, which is 6.99 on Steam.

The Medic and Heavy play Nigel and Bob in the game, and the whole thing came about after developer Bossa Studios was inspired by Valve's Meet The Medic video.

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Surgeon Simulator 2013 review

When people find out I'm a surgeon, they always ask me what the hardest part of the job is. It's breaking the news, right? You know: the waiting room, the expectant family, the nervous shuffling of feet.

No, I tell them (idiots). That's not actually true at all. The hardest part of the job is holding your claw hammer correctly so you can provide enough force to bash a man's ribs to pieces with one blow. That stuff really takes it out of you.

Still, breaking the news isn't easy, I guess. I've chiseled your husband's lungs out, but I'm afraid my electric drill got stuck on a kidney. I tried knocking it free with a coffee cup, but the cup got lodged in there too. Then his pancreas fell off without me even touching it. And I dropped a Coke bottle into his intestines. After that my scalpel became wedged in a plug socket for a few minutes. Then my wristwatch came loose. Are you paying by card?

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