Superfrog HD

Superfrog HD review

Superfrog HD review

Spare ribbits.

The announcement that Team 17's Superfrog was getting an HD re-release made me both very happy and strangely worried. I was very happy because I have enormously fond memories of the 1993 Amiga original, but I was strangely worried for, well, pretty much the same reason. Those fond memories would now be put to the test. I hadn't touched the game in 20 years and realised that, while I liked it, I couldn't really remember actually playing it.

Turns out that both my reactions were justified. This freshly spruced up version of the game is both delightful and slightly disappointing, its simple, fuss-free charms tarnished by the fact that it's not quite as good a platform game as my addled memory told me.

Gameplay is much as you'd expect, as Superfrog - a cursed prince on the trail of the witch who kidnapped his beloved princess - jumps on the heads of small animals and collects trails of tinkling coins and juicy fruit. Being a frog, of course, his leaps are generous enough that double-jumping isn't required, but you can collect a power-up that allows Superfrog to glide on his cape, allowing even greater range and control. Also available via collectible power-up is Spud, Superfrog's green, globular sidekick who can be thrown at enemies for a risk-free kill.

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