Super Street Fighter IV Features

FeatureCheap This Week - 27/04/11

Brink! Diablo 3! Castlevania! 3DS!

Fancy some cheap games? You're in luck, because here's the lowdown on what's Cheap This Week the finest bargains from all over the internet collected in one convenient place for your consideration. There's a couple of hotly anticipated pre-orders for low prices, and the first signs of 3DS software getting proper discounts, so read on for the best in cheap gaming fun.

FeatureSuper Man

Yoshinori Ono on making Street Fighter IV super.

"I joined Capcom 17 years ago with just one ambition: to be involved with Street Fighter in whatever way I possibly could." Yoshinori Ono has the incredulous smirk of a boy given the keys to his very own sweet shop. "My love of the game was my entire reason for taking the job.

Super Street Fighter IV

Ten new challengers appear.

Two years ago I would have struggled to get enough people together for some casual games of Third Strike, yet now the European fighter scene is once again thriving and it's all thanks to the spectacular Street Fighter IV. What an awesome year it's been. Now we're on the verge of the next instalment in the SFIV saga, and fans are hoping for more than a mere update.

FeatureDaigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

The Street Fighter world champion speaks.

"Right now, there's nobody younger than me that I feel threatened by. I haven't met anyone that I felt possesses the skill to surpass me in the future. I'm not over-evaluating myself. I can analytically see their weakness, their ineptitudes."