Super Street Fighter IV


Watch episode one of live action Street Fighter series

UPDATE: Scratch that - watch them all!

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist live action series hits Kickstarter

From the people who brought you the Street Fighter: Legacy fan film.

"It's in the packet" - Robot Chicken does Street Fighter

"No-one told me I'd be fighting with all sushi rolls hanging out."

Yoshinori Ono steps down as Street Fighter producer following health scare

"I'll think about the new future of fighting game after this."

Street Fighter 5 will launch before…

Seth Killian dares to dream.

Ono: fighting game genre won't collapse

Promises to "treat the fans right".

Video | A message from fighting champ Daigo

Street Figher, MVC star has a word.

EVO 2011: Daigo enters MVC3 ring

Are you watching, Justin Wong?

Capcom FY2011 results: 5 million-sellers

But mysteriously no SSFIV 3DS results.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 27/04/11

Brink! Diablo 3! Castlevania! 3DS!

SSFIV Arcade Edition PC a "just cause"

Capcom: PC gamers "back in the family".

Video | Super Street Fighter IV: AE trailer

Additions, upgrades and balancing detailed.

SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC confirmed?

Leaked trailer spills the beans.

BBFC outs SSFIV Arcade Edition for UK

UPDATE: Release date revealed.

Super Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu pics

Fighter shows devilish side.

SSFIV AE characters for consoles likely

Ono all but confirms Evil Ryu, Oni as DLC.

Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 sales

Plus, Super Street Fighter IV does well.

Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma revealed for SSFIVAE

Will Capcom add new characters to PS3, 360?

SSFIV Arcade content console-bound?

Ono hints at Yun and Yang DLC.

Invisible PS3 SSFIV costumes explained

MS covers new data costs. Sony doesn't.

Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma in SSFIV

Arcade Edition only for now...

Yun and Yang show off alt costumes

But will they make it to SSFIV on console?

SSFIV dev pitches Yun & Yang for console

Will Capcom US say yes? The drama!

New SSFIV costumes priced, dated

Autumn, winter and spring lines planned.

New SSFIV costumes coming

For all 35 characters.

Super Street Fighter IV

Costume pack revealed.

No SSFIV for PC gamers

Blame pirates, insists Capcom.

Will Yun and Yang come to console SF4?

Yoshinori Ono offers cryptic tease.

Yun and Yang for SSFIV Arcade?

Will the twins make it to the console version?

New characters for SSFIV?

Flyer suggests so.

SFIV dev's new game at Comic-Con

Isn't Capcom vs. SNK 3.

The Beast wins fighting game World Cup

Daigo Umehara takes Street Fighter title.

Street Fighter dev hypes new game

"SSFIV nothing compared to what's coming!!"

Next SSFIV costume pack out now

Gen! Fei Long! Blanka! Guile!

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 25

Episodes from Liberty City, SSFIV, SEGA All-Stars Racing, Superstars V8, Dead to Rights and AVP.

Digital Foundry | Super Street Fighter IV Face-off

How close are the PS3 and 360 versions?

Video | Street Fighter: Beginnings End

Thousand Pounds films Ryu vs. Ken.

UK chart: 2010 FIFA World Cup is top

SSFIV in second, GOW Collection 10th.

Super Street Fighter IV ships a million

Fighter fills shelves fast.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Hakan vs. Cody

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? Yes!!

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Honda vs. Guy

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Makoto vs. Dan

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Umehara consulting on Mad Catz sticks

SFIV world champ to offer his perspective.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Bison vs. Akuma

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Dhalsim vs. Juri

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Ken vs. Dudley

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Video | EG plays SSFIV - Chun Li vs. Ken

Can Tom overcome Simon Parkin? No.

Feature | Super Man

Yoshinori Ono on making Street Fighter IV super.

Paddy Power taking Street Fighter bets

Could set a new trend, reckons bookmaker.

EA/Capcom games dodge volcano delays

FIFA World Cup, SSFIV, LP2 on time.

Capcom unveils BC: Rearmed 2

Plus: Okamiden in 2011, lots of DLC news.

Capcom goes round EG reader's house

Brings SSFIV in a truck. Photos inside.

Super Street Fighter IV

Ten new challengers appear.

Super SFIV unveils Hakan

He's big, red and oily.

Lost Planet 2 split-screen confirmed

LP2 and SSFIV pre-order goodies, too.

SFIII fighters to appear in SSFIV

Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley join slate.

SSFIV Collector's Edition unveiled

Plus free costume packs on release.

Lost Planet 2, SSFIV get release dates

Plus: Monster Hunter Tri due in April.

Street Fighter wins worst film 2009 award

Average review score is 4%, says website.

Video | Super Street Fighter IV trailer

Zangeif robot suit. 'Nuff said.

Capcom delays LP2, SSFIV, MH3

Avoids Q1 2010 like the autumn.

Feature | Daigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

The Street Fighter world champion speaks.

Cody, Guy and Adon appear in SSFIV

Street Fighter Alpha trio make the jump.

Super SFIV brings back bonus stages

Smash up cars and punch barrels.

Capcom gives SSFIV fighter a boob job

Juri's bangers just got bigger.

Super SFIV coming spring next year

As a budget, standalone release.

Super Street Fighter IV unveiled

News of the game breaks early.