Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll

Super Monkey Ball saves lives

Well, potentially, anyway.

A new study has revealed that surgeons could perform better if they enjoy a quick gaming session before entering the operating theatre.

Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll

Weird and unusual control systems do funny things to me. Samba de Amigo got me excited about maracas, Sega Bass Fishing got me excited about fish, Steel Battalion made me spend £130 (or roughly £3 per button) because I was excited about WALKING, and the Nintendo DS gets me excited about absolutely bloody everything including but not limited to Animaniacs, Pac-Man and even The Urbz. This after I swore off Sims because I just couldn't bear to have to go to the toilet ANY MORE.

Hardly surprising then that I was excited about Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, seeing as it's based on a game I love so much I sleep next to an inflatable Ai-Ai [he's not even lying - Ed] and a system that made me want to play a game I once actually-genuinely cried off reviewing.

The idea, obviously, is to use the stylus instead of an analogue stick to roll your little monkey-in-a-ball around mazy obstacle courses. There are 100 of them, and they're split into groups of ten. On top of that, there are six mini-games - bowling, golf, hockey, fight, race and wars (a first-person shooter, believe it or not) - and you can play them all wirelessly off of one copy of the game.

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Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll

As close as we've come to touching a monkey.

Monkeys belong outside, obviously (apart the one in Chris's closet), so Super Monkey Ball and the Nintendo DS make a pretty good couple.

Monkey Ball DS for Europe

Including Wi-Fi mini-games.

Along with The Rub Rabbits, SEGA this morning confirmed that it plans to release Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll in Europe on Nintendo DS next March.