Super Mario Galaxy 2 News

Super Mario Galaxy 3 possible, but not before Nintendo's next console

Meanwhile, Miyamoto defends 2015 Nintendo line-up.

Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project

UPDATE: Creator pulls all downloads. "Fair enough, really."

Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

Nintendo launching digital versions of Wii games, starting today.

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Wii U: Nintendo kept own devs in dark

Secrecy a detriment to first-party line-up?

BAFTA Game nominations announced

AC: Brotherhood, Mario, COD slug it out.

BAFTA GAME Award shortlist revealed

Vote for your top title of 2010.

Iwata: Think our sales "already peaked"?

Nintendo CEO says Wii "never" lost momentum.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sells loads

Pokemon: Black/White not far behind.

StarCraft II US sales monstrous

Best-selling game in July.

Nintendo's Q1 DS sales down 44 per cent

While Mario Galaxy 2 sells over 4m.

Red Dead holds off Mario Galaxy 2

Rockstar continues flogging Dead horses.

Martinet to appear at SMG2 launch event

Voice of Mario returns to London.

Full Galaxy 2 soundtrack on YouTube

The next best thing to playing it.

Luigi playable in Mario Galaxy 2

New video shows other brother.

Mario Galaxy 2 has tutorial DVD

That you can't play on Wii.

Mario Galaxy 2 gets European date

Plus: Monster Hunter, S&P2, Metroid.

US dates for Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid

Plus: Monster Hunter Tri date, DQ IX for US.

Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid this summer

According to Nintendo Australia.

Mario Galaxy 2 to get Super Guide?

Miyamoto's not sure - but it will be hard.

E3: Mario Galaxy 2 is "90 per cent new"

Perhaps up to 99 per cent, says Miyamoto.