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It feels very appropriate to be writing about Mario in the run up to Christmas. Even though his games make no explicit reference to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and in fact are often blatantly summery with their primary colours and warm blue skies, there's just something inherently festive about the squat plumber and his surreal world.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Why the 3DS Won't Die

Why Nintendo never Bowser under pressure.

Matt le Blanc is a funny guy. Being a long-time fan of Friends, I can forgive the actor many things. Maybe even Lost in Space. So when his spin-off series Joey first aired, I felt the need to give it a try.

FeatureSuper Mario 3D Land

Mushroom for improvement?

So, Mario to the rescue? After a rather awkward first six months, the game that should have been there from day one arrives on 3DS next month, with the Kart variety following closely behind.

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Jump around.

Nintendo has proved itself a practised turntablist when it comes to remixing Mario. Against a steady backbeat of platforming, Mario games have blended in samples from the series' past, twisting and warping them to create a new and often quite intoxicating mix. The Galaxy games remain some of the headiest concoctions of this generation, yet deep within, it's those same staple ingredients that have been present since the series' dawn.