Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review

There are many great stories told about the American frontier and the bold folks who forged it. War hero and adventurer Davy Crockett. Johnny Appleseed's mission to bring fresh fruit to the pioneers. Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack, and his blue cow sidekick.

Then there's the story of Luke, Donna and Rebecca, and their journey to the west in a simple covered wagon. They faced skunk, bandits and even narwhals. They were helped by a B-52 bomber and laser guns, but to no avail. Luke was shot in the throat and died. Donna got trampled by bison. Rebecca soldiered on a little further, all by herself, before a bear mauled her face off.

Your experience may vary, however. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a delightful 80-Microsoft-Point Xbox indie game: a chunky Atari pastiche that comes in randomly selected bite-sized vignettes, sending the story down increasingly surreal avenues with every branch.

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