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Dragon Age writer and Sunless Sea creative director unveils Cultist Simulator

In the interests of transparency I should point out Alexis Kennedy has written a few articles for Eurogamer before.

UPDATE 4TH SEPTEMBER: It's been a lovely weekend for Alexis Kennedy whose Cultist Simulator Kickstarter has sailed past its 30,000 goal. He's now scratching at 55,000 with 26 days to go.

"In the Cultist Simulator setting, there are thirty Hours," Kennedy wrote.

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Failbetter Games announces Sunless Skies

Failbetter Games has announced Sunless Skies, a sequel to Sunless Sea, live on stage at EGX 2016. The follow up to the Victorian exploration game is currently in the very early stages of development, with a Kickstarter campaign due to launch in February of next year.

As you have almost certainly guessed, Sunless Skies swaps the murky waters of the Unterzee for the open air, in a move best described as 'doing a Bioshock'.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Hannah Flynn of Failbetter Games said: "We hope Sunless Skies will be another helping of what players loved about Sunless Sea: the choices that make you close your eyes as you click, delivered in our finest prose, surrounded by atmospheric and lush art.

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Sunless Sea's first expansion to release in October

The first expansion for the excellent Sunless Sea, dubbed Zubmariner, will begin its maiden voyage on the 11th of October.

Once you've performed the necessary preparations to convert your ship into a submarine, the expansion - available for PC, Mac and Linux - will take you under the Unterzee, adding new ports and cities to explore. It's not all plain sailing, however, as Failbetter Games has also promised stranger inhabitants and new zee-beasts.

You'll also be fighting against your oxygen reserves and the limits of your zubmarine's sonar, which could just as easily lead you to a grisly demise as sunken riches. You can get a sense for how things work in this gameplay video from earlier this year.

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Pay what you want for Outlast, Never Alone and Retro City Rampage

Humble Indie Bundle 16 also offers cheap Sunless Sea.

Humble Indie Bundle 16 has launched and it's a good one. Pay what you want to receive Retro City Rampage DX, Outlast, and Never Alone with its Foxtales DLC. You'll even receive an 80 per cent discount on Outlast's Whistleblower DLC in the Humble Store.

Sunless Sea's Zubmariner expansion surfaces

Sunless Sea developer Failbetter Games has revealed the first footage of its upcoming Zubmariner expansion.

The add-on brings a new underwater area to the atmospheric world of Failbetter's roguelike. There's just a glimpse of how it will look in the narrated trailer below.

Your underwater craft is the same ship you sail on the Underzee's surface, although now it has been converted into a submarine mode. Your vessel will emit more light, which is nice, but you won't be alone under the waves - what looks like a giant manta ray appears to be stalking the player.

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Sunless Sea is getting story DLC with Zubmariner expansion

Sunless Sea is getting story DLC with Zubmariner expansion

Everything's better down where it's wetter.

Failbetter's text-heavy exploration RPG Sunless Sea is getting a story-based expansion pack called Zubmariner.

Set deep within the bowels of the Unterzee, Zubmariner will add all sorts of new locales and threats. One such destination is Wrack, the City of Delights, which Failbetter described on its official blog as "an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication."

There will also be a new monster called a Thalatte, which is "an exposed-looking collection of wattled and shining organs, like a half-completed vivisection, with a fanged orifice at the front." Basically it uses its giant mouth to suck your Zubmarine towards it, though it can also ram you or spit out copious amounts of toxic fluid.

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Sunless Sea more than doubles dev's best case scenario sales estimate

Sunless Sea more than doubled developer Failbetter's best case scenario sales estimate.

As of 25th February, Failbetter's Victorian Gothic storytelling curio had sold 100,000 copies.

In a post on the Failbetter website, analyst Adam Myers said before development began the London-based independent studio had estimated Sunless Sea would sell anything from 5000 copies at worst to 50,000 at best.

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