Summer Games II

Summer Games II

Summer Games II

Take on me.

For a few years in the mid '80s, Epyx barely put a foot wrong. Having already wowed gamers with Summer Games, Impossible Mission and Pitstop, the release of Summer Games II in 1985 showed the world's most adept C64 developer take sports games to a whole new level.

Improving in every way on the game's predecessor, Epyx conjured up another eight event series which went far beyond the mindless button-bashing frenzy that characterised the many Konami-inspired games of the era.

As one of the pioneers of the multi-load system, Epyx realised that you didn't have to cram an entire game into a single load. Instead, each event loaded one at a time, allowing the US team to utilise the limited system memory for each and every event, and therefore lavish far more detail on the game than was otherwise possible. Designed for disk, the game nevertheless was also released on tape to make it accessible to the masses, but took an absolute age to load.

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