Streets of Rage 2 News

Video of Crackdown developer's Streets of Rage re-imagining leaks online

UPDATE: New video, this time with audio. Is "pre-pre-pre-pre (lots of pres) pre-Alpha quality".

PEGI rates Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy, Super Hang-On for Xbox 360

And Streets of Rage 3, Golden Axe 3, Monster World 4.

Bionic Commando dev Grin worked on Strider reboot, Streets of Rage remake

CGI teaser trailer, screenshots, artwork unearthed.

Streets of Rage 2 on App Store now

Classic SEGA brawler goes mobile.

SEGA stamps on Streets of Rage fan reboot

UPDATED: SEGA statement released.

Streets of Rage 2 on XBLA

Joins Puzzle Fighter today.