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Street Fighter 5 review

Street Fighter 5 review

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In moving Street Fighter into the next generation, Capcom has rejigged the famous fighting game series not just in its core combat, but in its structure - each with varying success. The match to match fighting, as you'd expect from Capcom, is brilliant. It's just a shame that features you'd expect to be included at launch are missing, and online play is marred by disconnects from the company's servers.

On the face of it, Street Fighter 5's 2D fighting is ever so slightly easier to get to grips with than previous games in the series, with more forgiving timing on the linking together of attacks to form combos, and easier to trigger special attacks. But to say Capcom has made Street Fighter accessible would be overstating matters: fighting games are, by their very nature, hard, and Street Fighter 5 does little to address this long-standing problem with the genre. Venturing online to play against other people is as daunting a task as ever.

What we have here is an easier to learn, still hard to master experience. Linking together normal attacks and special moves and even the ultra powerful Critical Arts often feels achievable, where in previous Street Fighter games more advanced combos often felt impossible. I'm all for this. The focus is now squarely where it should be: on knowledge, mind games and tactics, rather than pinpoint button presses in excruciatingly tiny one-frame windows.

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