Street Fighter V News

September's PlayStation Plus games are PUBG and Street Fighter 5

And there're still a few days left to grab Fall Guys.

There's no Asura's Wrath 2, but Street Fighter 5 has an Asura costume as DLC

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a Kage.

Valve apologises for Street Fighter 5 DLC Steam leak

"We are fans of Street Fighter ourselves and we're sorry for the error."

Street Fighter 5's in-game ads return, this time for Uniqlo

But they're not on characters any more.

G and Sagat hit Street Fighter 5 today

Here's a first look at gameplay.

Here's Blanka electrifying Street Fighter 5

Seeing you in action is a joke.

Esports are coming to BBC Three

To Gfinity and beyond.

Street Fighter 5's next DLC character is Abigail from Final Fight

The biggest Street Fighter character ever?

Tokido crowned Street Fighter 5 Evo 2017 champion

Battles through losers to defeat Punk in Grand Finals.

Street Fighter 5 to get Vega's Spain stage this month

And yes, Vega can climb the fence.

Ed is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

UPDATE: And here's the first trailer.

Street Fighter 5 gets iconic Thailand stage as DLC

Plus new school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri.

The anatomy of a Street Fighter

Capcom reveals the 20-year-old guide it still uses today.

Capcom outlines plan to make Street Fighter 5 online play much better

Faster loading times! Better matchmaking! More!

Street Fighter 5 season two begins today

Akuma, Christmas costumes and 92 pages of balance changes.

Watch Sony's fancy pants PS4 advert

And hunt for video game references.

Akuma confirmed for Street Fighter 5

And it looks like he has a cool trick up his sleeve.

Capcom addresses concern around controversial Street Fighter 5 DLC

80 per cent of Capcom Pro Tour DLC revenue goes back into the community.

Street Fighter 5 finally gets a meaningful rage quit penalty

I will meditate and then destroy you.

Street Fighter 5's £20 Capcom Pro Tour DLC isn't going down well

A portion of proceeds go to prize pool, but angry players say rip-off.

Street Fighter 5 has its first world champion

But Long Island Joe wins hearts and minds of the fighting game community.

Today's big Street Fighter 5 update is actually two separate massive downloads

Be warned: you're looking at over 16GB coming down the pipe.

Street Fighter 5 characters who didn't make the cut revealed

Fighting Literary Master! Fighting President! Clumsy Cutie! More!

Capcom apologises for silence around Street Fighter 5

Ibuki and story mode due out last week of June.

Capcom bans pro fighting game player due to sexual harassment

"We were playing around" says banned player.

Street Fighter 5's next DLC character is Ibuki

Comes out alongside story mode in June.

Street Fighter 5's sold 1.4m copies

"Steady sales," Capcom says.

Guile is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

UPDATE: And here's his first trailer!

Yoshinori Ono discusses Street Fighter 5's launch problems

"We underestimated the popularity of some of the single-player features…"

High-profile UK Street Fighter 5 tournament apologises for streaming issues

UPDATE: You can now watch the SF5 top 8 matches.

Street Fighter 5's big March update dated, DLC characters temporarily free

In-game shop going live, though Zenny yet to be implemented.

Punished Street Fighter 5 rage quitter battles back to the top

Reformed World_Combo does things the right way.

Our first look at Street Fighter 5's Alex

Plus, March update lets you request Ranked rematch.

Street Fighter 5 does not punish players who rage quit

UPDATE: Capcom says it'll address the problem.

Street Fighter 5 gets off to rocky start

UPDATE: matchmaking now working after broken first evening.

What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch

No in-game store, challenge mode or eight-player lobbies until March.

Street Fighter 5's first DLC character, Alex, live in March

PS3 fight sticks confirmed to work with PS4 version.

Street Fighter 5 has a story

And it's out four months after the game.

People are already modding Street Fighter 5

To create… abominations!

Street Fighter 5 sparks "censorship" debate

After R.Mika's butt slap and Cammy's crotch moved off screen.

Dhalsim wears a beard in Street Fighter 5

Six characters to be released post-launch. Release date announced.

Second Street Fighter 5 beta detailed

Trailer for Laura leaked.

Zangief returns for Street Fighter 5

Three characters left to reveal.

Karin confirmed for Street Fighter 5

Another Alpha character returns.

Rainbow Mika is in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter Alpha 3 fan-favourite returns.

Street Fighter 5 worldwide beta test begins midnight Friday

I will meditate and then destroy you.

The Street Fighter 5 beta isn't working

UPDATE: Beta postponed indefinitely, won't count as pre-order incentive.

Street Fighter V gets a brand new character

And a new in-game economy.

Street Fighter 5 reveals Ken with a new 'do

Is "tailor made for rushing the opponent down," says Capcom.

M.Bison revealed for Street Fighter 5

Vega-lly interesting. New trailer within.

New Street Fighter 5 video introduces Charlie

North American pre-orders come with online beta access.

Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

UPDATE: PS4 only console it will ever appear on. First gameplay video.