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Face-Off: Street Fighter 5

There's much to enjoy with Capcom's Street Fighter 5 - beautiful, stylised visuals, silky-smooth frame-rates, interesting new characters and a more refined revision of the classic fighting game engine. Users may recall the launch of its predecessor - the sense that the magic had returned to the series, that Capcom had finally figured out how best to evolve Street Fighter into the 3D gaming era. Street Fighter 5 engenders the same kind of feeling as soon as you start to play. Sure, there'll be fully justified complaints about the staggered roll-out of content and an over-reliance on online play, but the core gameplay is simply beautiful.

SF5 also marks the debut of the series on a middleware platform - Epic's Unreal Engine 4. Bearing in mind that UE4 performance on console has been wayward to say the least (Ark: Survival Evolved a particular case in point), it's safe to say that we were concerned that there may have been problems in delivering the series' signature 60fps gameplay - but by and large, this isn't really a problem. From a rendering perspective, SF5 offers up solid performance - though there are some concerns about online play.

In actual fact, the move to Unreal Engine 4 offers up a range of PC bonuses that we would almost certainly have not received had Capcom stuck with its prior strategy of creating its own technology for the game. Street Fighter 5 has four quality presets on PC - low, medium, high and max - and at this point, we're pretty much convinced that the PlayStation 4 version operates using a mixture of medium settings and a smaller amount of customised presets for each major rendering feature.

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