Street Fighter IV News

Watch episode one of live action Street Fighter series

UPDATE: Scratch that - watch them all!

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist live action series hits Kickstarter

From the people who brought you the Street Fighter: Legacy fan film.

"It's in the packet" - Robot Chicken does Street Fighter

"No-one told me I'd be fighting with all sushi rolls hanging out."

Seth Killian leaves Capcom

"I have chosen a new path which will let me embrace a new dream."

Yoshinori Ono steps down as Street Fighter producer following health scare

"I'll think about the new future of fighting game after this."

Street Fighter 5 will launch before…

Seth Killian dares to dream.

Ono: 60% of Street Fighter players are American

Low Euro numbers due to "regional problems".

Ono: fighting game genre won't collapse

Promises to "treat the fans right".

Capcom: we'll keep our fighters in check

"BloodStorm we knew was garbage."

Capcom gives SFIV profits to quake relief

Plus, donates Ľ100 million lump sum.

Ono: Street Fighter III scared off gamers

SFIV intended as a "happy class reunion".

Will Yun and Yang come to console SF4?

Yoshinori Ono offers cryptic tease.

SFIV dev's new game at Comic-Con

Isn't Capcom vs. SNK 3.

Street Fighter dev hypes new game

"SSFIV nothing compared to what's coming!!"

Umehara consulting on Mad Catz sticks

SFIV world champ to offer his perspective.

Street Fighter IV now Game on Demand

Download it directly for just under 20 quid.

SFIV for Xbox Live GOD in Europe soon

March digital release for Capcom fighter.

iPhone Street Fighter IV costs $10

And has only eight fighters.

Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone

Complete with Bluetooth multiplayer.

Street Fighter wins worst film 2009 award

Average review score is 4%, says website.

Super SFIV has new 8-player lobbies

Capcom fulfilling online MP this time.

Super Street Fighter IV unveiled

News of the game breaks early.

Street Fighter announcement tomorrow

Teasier site URL hints at "New Warrior".

Japanese SFIV blog hints at sequel

Well, hints at a sequel announcement.

Resi is Capcom's most successful IP

Fifth game takes series past 40m sales.

SFIV gets pricey wardrobe overhaul

New clothes for nearly nine quid.

SFIV PC dated, Resident Evil 5 to follow

And don't forget Bionic Commando.

Street Fighter IV PC using GfW Live

And includes optional artistic shaders.

Capcom seeks European SFIV champion

Be the best, win a scooter and a coat.

SFIV Championship mode next week

Tournaments, spectators, rewards.

US charts: Wii Fit blocks SFIV attack

Killzone 2 performs, F.E.A.R. 2 struggles.

Wheelman demo, lots of DLC for PSN

SFIV, Everybody's Golf, LBP, etc.

Loads of PS3 DLC and two demos

SFIV, Lumines, POP, Burnout, etc.

SFIV PC could be here this summer

Capcom remains non-committal.

UK charts: Street Fighter IV victorious

DOWII, 50 Cent, RACE Pro all feature.

SFIV breaks 2 million sales

Capcom Ken hardly believe it.

SFIV could get Dee Jay, T-Hawk

Capcom says fans need only to ask.

Costume DLC for SFIV at launch

Five outfits per three-quid pack.

Street Fighter and Resi 5 are Home-bound

Costumes, game launching, Africa.

Street Fighter IV UK tour dates, details

Punch Ryu before console release.

Mad Catz claims big demand for FightStick

UK SF IV peripheral pre-orders begin today.

Mad Catz talks up SF IV peripherals

Pads and sticks detailed.

Capcom reveals more release dates

Dead Rising and MotoGP Wii in diary.

Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition

Figures, HD anime film, exclusive DLC.

Street Fighter Sackboys imminent?

Pictures certainly suggest as much.

Van Damme Street Fighter for Blu-ray

"No! You've lost your balls!"

25 characters in Street Fighter IV?

Unconfirmed character-select screen.

SF IV and Bionic dates unconfirmed

Retail guidance, not release schedule.

Street Fighter IV in homes this winter

Early next year, says Capcom.

SF IV anime film to tie in with launch

By the team behind the Aftermath vid.

Sakura for console Street Fighter IV

Plus: videos and shots of her in action.

Gouken for Street Fighter IV console

Ryu and Ken's master back from dead.

Capcom to focus on multi-platform games

On all major releases in the future.

Capcom denies SF IV infinite combo

Video of El Fuerte is nothing of the sort.

Cammy included in Street Fighter IV

Won public vote, apparently. Go girl.

Microsoft confirms revised 360 d-pad

"For a limited time". Now with date.

Microsoft revising Xbox 360 d-pad?

For PES and SF IV, apparently.

Street Fighter IV for Japan this July

In arcades battering wallets.

Get your face in Street Fighter IV

Appear as a background character.

Street Fighter IV in London next month

You lot invited to give it a go.

No Ryu or Ken for Street Fighter film

Which is not camp or cheesy or funny.

SF IV to feature anime storytelling

Demonstration shown at Captivate.

Street Fighter IV producer talks Seth

SF IV's mysterious boss explained.

Street Fighter IV not planned for Wii

Although it's not out of the question.

More content confirmed for SFIV console

New characters and online fights.

Capcom confirms SF IV for consoles, PC

Coming to 360, PS3 and PC.

SF film writer explains Chun-Li focus

She's "not just a sex object fantasy".

Street Fighter film blog resurrected

Chun Li and Cantana getting cosy.

Street Fighter film out next year

Main cast members announced.

First details of SFIV newcomers

Meet Abel, Crimson Viper and El Fuerte.

New Street Fighter IV character revealed

He's called El Fuerte, apparently.

More characters for console SFIV

Producer Yoshinori Ono blabs.

Street Fighter IV playable at GDC

So is Bionic Commando. Shiny.

Capcom confirms original cast for SFIV

Chun-Li, Blanka, E-Honda etc. return.

Street Fighter IV specials uncovered

Fresh snaps from Capcom spill beans.

Street Fighter IV playable in Feb

In Japan. On arcade machines.

Street Fighter IV screenshot

Plus first gameplay details.

Street Fighter IV unveiled

Ryu and Ken still at it.