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Face-Off: Street Fighter IV

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Street Fighter IV

The PS3 and 360 versions go head to head.

Eurogamer's Face-Off coverage continues at a brisk pace, with an in-depth look at Capcom's first 10/10 game in some time: the ultra-playable, supremely rewarding, and utterly irresistible Street Fighter IV. There's the usual in-depth technical analysis, precision h.264 comparison movies and, of course, the requisite lossless 24-bit RGB screenshots gallery.

Although we're looking primarily at the two new console games, the spectre of the original arcade version is never too far away from the discussion, and it's the make-up of the coin-operated game that has had the most impact on the home versions.

Inside the traditional arcade cabinet, Street Fighter IV is actually just a PC, and not exactly a powerful one either. Indeed, the chances are that if you're into PC gaming, your own rig at home has far more horsepower than the coin-op. Arcade giant Taito devised the so-called Type X2 hardware, cherry-picking a selection of computer components that were hardly all-powerful even when they were new, including the NVIDIA 7900GS (current eBay price: GBP 50) and a bottom-end 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo CPU. Capcom licensed this hardware to produce Street Fighter IV, and so have several other arcade stars. SNK, for example, is using Type X2 for its new King of Fighters XII.

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