Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting

FeatureThe rules of a gaming friendship

"We decided that neither of us could perform a fireball ever again."

Childhood friendships are frequently born out of practicalities, I suspect. Things like being geographically nearby are important, but there's also the more mercenary aspect of childhood - having a friend who has all the 'cool' stuff that you don't. It may have blossomed into a solid adult friendship too, but I suspect convenience was a big part for how my childhood best friend and I came to be.

FeatureDaigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

The Street Fighter world champion speaks.

"Right now, there's nobody younger than me that I feel threatened by. I haven't met anyone that I felt possesses the skill to surpass me in the future. I'm not over-evaluating myself. I can analytically see their weakness, their ineptitudes."

FeatureRetrospective: Street Fighter

20 years of beat-'em-ups picked thoroughly apart.

Holy #*%$! I've just seen the Japanese intro for Street Fighter IV and it looks absolutely killer. Screw objectivity, I'm going to say right now that from my impressions of the Street Fighter IV arcade game and from what I've played so far of the console release, Street IV could very well be the greatest fighting game ever made. With Eurogamer's review going live tomorrow (Monday 16th February), I'm taking a look back at the different Street Fighter games in their many different arcade transitions. Hold onto your sticks people.

Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting

Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting

Better late than never.

The decision not to support Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the original Xbox through backwards compatibility can be seen in two ways. Firstly, it's an oversight of a niche game lost among demand for more popular titles. Looking down the compatability lists, this seems unlikely - other ‘lesser' games like Sniper Elite and Deathrow make the cut while the inclusion of Acclaim's turgid Vexx over Anniversary Collection just makes us cry. The second way of looking at this is a slightly more cynical one - why would Microsoft and/or Capcom let gamers play Street Fighter 2 online for free when it can be put up for sale again first? But despite our minor outrage, we invested in some Microsoft Points and hit the download button within seconds of Hyper Fighting appearing on the Live Arcade service. Damn it, we're weak.

And although it's this weakness and nostalgia that is played on with many Live Arcade releases, firing up the game is like your 360 tucking you into bed and telling you everything is okay again. For anyone that enjoyed Street Fighter 2 back in the day, it's almost impossible to avoid being swept away by a tidal wave of nostalgia. Even though the 360 D-pad isn't all that user-friendly (especially for the constant motions required by a beat-'em-up), the game still plays just fine today. Even though the genre has progressed so far beyond Capcom's pivotal title, the wonderfully solid basics are what makes the game timeless - this is fighting at its most coarse and its most simple but this is precisely why it still works in 2006.

If you've got mates to play with, great. Few games bring out a person's windly competitive streak like Street Fighter and the one-more-go factor is still there after so many years. If not, well let's just say that you're in for a rough time against some slightly unfair opposition, CPU Ryu is happy to sit back and throw fireballs for most of a match, Blanka never seems to stop rolling while just about every opponent beyond the first few tends to abuse jabs to interrupt almost any special move you might throw their way. The Street Fighter II AI has never really been up to much or understood the concept of fair play and there's no reason that this would change for a Live Arcade port. Yes, this is the same infuriatingly filthy string of CPU opponents that have probably made many of you throw controllers in the past.

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Street Fighter II on XBLA

Great balls of fire.

Capcom's much-heralded Xbox Live Arcade version of Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting has finally made it out today.