Street Fighter IV 3DS

Street Fighter IV 3DS has Download Play

Fight wirelessly even if you don't own the game.

Street Fighter IV 3D Edition lets you send a versus demo of the game wirelessly to a friend - which they can then use to play versus matches without the full game.

Friend Codes to return with 3DS?

SSFIV features unpopular Wii system.

Nintendo's 3DS is sticking with the DS and Wii's cumbersome Friend Codes online matchmaking system, if early impressions of Capcom's Street Fighter IV 3D Edition are to be believed.

FeatureStreet Fighter X Tekken

Yoshinori Ono on crossing the streams.

There was a time that Comic-Con was all about the comics. No more. Capcom and Namco Bandai's Street Fighter X Tekken announcement shocked fighting game fans around the world. How? Why? 3D versus 2D? What? Since then the questions have increased in number. So it is with great excitement that Eurogamer sits down with producer Yoshinori Ono to get some answers. Oh, and have we mentioned Street Fighter on 3DS?