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Footage released of Midway's canned Stranglehold sequel

Footage released of Midway's canned Stranglehold sequel

Rebranded follow-up Gun Runner appears to feature Vin Diesel.

Now-defunct studio Midway was once developing a sequel to John Woo's Stranglehold, newly-released footage shows.

The rebranded follow-up, provisionally titled Gun Runner, would have seen the return of Chow Yun Fat's Inspector Tequila. The footage also shows a new character that looks suspiciously like Vin Diesel.

Diesel's involvement would make sense - Midway presumably still held the rights to his image following its Vin Diesel-fronted driving game Wheelman.

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Second Midway/Woo game cancelled?

Second Midway/Woo game cancelled?

Gunrunner evidence mounts.

Action-film maestro John Woo may have been making another game for Midway called Gunrunner.

The publisher - now known as Tradewest Games after a recent buyout - wouldn't comment, but former staff hawking their wares were less tight-lipped.

The evidence, compiled by superannuation, begins with Sleepwalker|Media, which produced storyboards and CGI mock-ups for the project.

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Stranglehold coming to the big screen

Script already being written, says report.

Remember Stranglehold, Midway's 2007 action adventure effort? A cinematic adaptation is on the way, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Midway's not dead yet, says Zucker

Departed boss still thinking positive.

Former Midway boss David Zucker believes the troubled publisher has nothing to fear thanks to its considerable investment in next-gen console technology.

PAIN goes live on PAL PSN

Stranglehold pack pops up too.

After 30 years of hurt, which never stopped us dreaming, Sony Europe has released PAIN on PlayStation Network for GBP 4.99.

Stranglehold map pack soon

Ten new maps for PS3/360.

Midway has announced that both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners can expect to download a map pack for John Woo's Stranglehold in the near future. Providing they bought Stranglehold and want some downloadable content in any event.

Make your own short film

With new Stranglehold compo.

Midway wants you lot to create your own short films so it can give you lovely prizes and possibly replace John Woo because he is a bit expensive.

Stranglehold PC demo

Give a guy a gun.

John Woo's Stranglehold will be out on PC this Friday, 21st September, and Midway's released a demo to celebrate.

Stranglehold slips a bit

Dated for 360, PS3 and PC.

Stranglehold has backed casually toward the counter of retail and slipped its bottom gently along it - which is a meaningless way of saying it's now due out in mid-September.

Midway "concerned" over PS3

Confident price cut will help.

Midway's CEO David Zucker has told that he's still concerned about sales of the PlayStation 3, but thinks the recently announced USD 100 price cut will certainly help the console in the short term.

E3: The EGTV Show - Episode 15

Stranglehold and the firing range.

Guns are an integral part of life in the US, children take them to school and parents use them to solve arguments. But not everyone has what it takes to blow holes in things, as Eurogamer TV found out, so in Episode 15 we decided to pop into Midway to see John Woo action game Stranglehold for a lesson or two.

Stranglehold delayed

John Woo's 2007.

Midway has decided to keep John Woo's Stranglehold in development for a bit longer, with the release date now set to be sometime in Q1 2007.