Stellaris Features

FeatureParadox, this is why we need to talk about your mods

Allowing player-made content is great, but you're responsible for it.

Last week, Paradox pulled a Stellaris mod that altered the game's human race to consist of only white people with European names. Stellaris is an excellent 4X Grand Strategy game in which human empires are made up of multicultural populations.

FeatureExploring a tiny galaxy filled with jerks in Stellaris

"There is much we can learn from you!"

Space, as Captain Kirk once said, is big and empty and boring. Okay, maybe not boring, but it's sufficiently large that you can quite easily miss the important stuff that's going down if you've got your head stuck up the wrong nebula. We seem to be terribly alone out there, which is why it's such a blow when fast-radio bursts that appear to hail from intelligent life in the centre of the universe turn out to come from a microwave oven left on in the observatory canteen, or when killjoys argue that the Wow! signal is just a bunch of old comets. Comets, as Captain Kirk also said, can do one.

Hello again! Listen, I said there was going to be a podcast the week after EGX Rezzed and there wasn't. That's on me. Completely my fault. 100%. I've let you down. That being said, there was also a bank holiday last week, which didn't help. And I had to go and visit my family before that as well. So yeah, technically it's my mistake. But also perhaps the bank's? Or my parents'?