Steel Battalion

Retrospective: Steel Battalion

Don't forget to eject.

Videogames have always had the capacity to spark anger, fear and joy in me, and although I've never been so enraged as to damage a controller by hurling it, I have felt the exhilaration of an epic Street Fighter win and the agony of a crushing boss defeat. But one thing games have never made me do is cry. Aeris' death made me feel a slither of remorse, but nothing game-related has ever persuaded me to secrete anything from my lacrimal gland. With one notable exception.

Steel Battalion goes offline

Plug pulled on Campaign mode.

Bad news for fans of super-pricey Xbox mech combat title Steel Battalion - Capcom is withdrawing online support for the game's Campaign mode at the end of the month.

Steel Battalion

Steel Battalion

What happens when you cross a JCB with Optimus Prime?

It's finally time to answer that most debateable of questions:

would we pay 129.99 for Steel Battalion? However, it seems

that the question itself is rather irrelevant now, with the game

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