SteamOS News

Valve offers closer look at Steam Controller

Customisable control schemes, haptic feedback, more.

Valve's first wave of Steam Machines launch 10th November

UPDATE: Syber reveals its line-up. Pre-orders ship almost a month early.

Steam developers can now permanently ban you from their games

"Because nobody likes playing with cheaters."

Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

Optional granite base anyone?

HTC sorry for Vive virtual reality Half-life tease

Valve surprised by claim it was "co-operating" on new title.

Steam Discovery update personalises video game shopping

We interview Valve on the biggest shake-up to Steam in years.

Steam users already having fun with game-tagging

UPDATE: Valve tightens the rules.

Steam gets user-defined tagging

Adds new way to shop for games.

Steam Family Options now live

Lets families establish their own rules using Steam.