State of Decay News

State of Decay gets an Xbox One release date

UPDATE: Technical improvements listed.

State of Decay's Lifeline DLC is due this week

Adds a new city, story, and military squad to control.

State of Decay dev hires ArenaNet co-founder Pat Wyatt

Who specialises in "developing really big multiplayer games".

State of Decay dev signs multi-year agreement with Microsoft

"There are big things going on with State of Decay."

State of Decay expansion Breakdown out 29th November

Less story, more long-term survival, more difficult.

State of Decay sells one million copies

Breakdown DLC to arrive shortly.

State of Decay comes to Steam Early Access today

Play it in an early state (of decay).

State of Decay gets new bug-squashing title update

But some users may have to restart.

XBLA champion State of Decay out on PC this year

Undead Labs teases sandbox future.

Undead Labs confirms that State of Decay won't get co-op

"I can say definitively that co-op multiplayer will be the absolute heart of any future State of Decay games."

State of Decay's second title update now available to fix the first title update

"Reduced frequency of 'I brought you a pony...' line."

State of Decay MMO follow-up Class4 still in negotiations with Microsoft

UPDATE: Steam PC version announced as XBLA game passes 500,000 sales.

State of Decay sells 250,000 in two days on XBLA

Our review will be published Tuesday morning.

State of Decay due this week on XBLA

PC version still to be dated.

State of Decay shows off its stealth gameplay

In honour of the day of the dead.

Open-world zombie survival game State of Decay is coming to XBLA, PC

Class 3 graduates into a very ambitious horror game.