Starhawk Videos

Digital FoundryStarhawk Single-Player Performance Analysis Videos

Performance testing of Starhawk across a range of levels.

Digital FoundryStarhawk Multi-Player Performance Analysis Video

Frame-rate tests on Starhawk running in multiplayer mode.

Digital FoundryStarhawk Level Scale Showcase Video

A look at just how vast - and how pretty - Starhawk's level architecture is.

VideoStarhawk - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer dives into the PS3-exclusive Warhawk successor.

VideoStarhawk launch trailer lands

Warhawk successor launches on PlayStation 3 this week.

VideoStarhawk trailer reveals story

PlayStation 3 exclusive due 11th May.

VideoStarhawk public beta trailer

Sony welcomes gamers to the fray.

VideoNew Starhawk dev diary swoops in

Behind the scenes at PS3 sci-fi shooter.

VideoStarhawk E3 dev diary trailer

More behind the scenes chatting.

VideoStarhawk dev shows multiplayer trailer

Capture the flag mode featured.

VideoFirst Starhawk developer diary lands

Warhawk dev LightBox Interactive back.