StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Features

Feature | The Hero Factory: Conversations with Chris Metzen

As he retires from his position as Blizzard's head writer.

Feature | Always Online with Blizzard

Co-founder Frank Pearce and StarCraft 2's Jonny Ebbert speak.

Feature | Cella: eSports Star

The story behind StarCraft II's head coach.

Feature | StarCraft II: We're trying to create an e-Sport

Dustin Browder on the RTS modding phenomenon.

Feature | The Men Who Stare At Protoss

StarCraft commentators explain why we watch them.

Feature | Blizzard talks StarCraft II

"We're privileged to have players that care."

StarCraft II

How the campaign and change the game.

Feature | Blizzard's Rob Pardo

How the world's most successful studio makes games.

StarCraft II

Terran up the competition: the beta, previewed

Feature | Blizzard's Perfect Storm

The industry's top developer knows the merits of the confessional.

Feature | Blizzard's Mike Morhaime

He runs the world's most successful developer. But what makes him nervous?

Feature | How StarCraft beat Chess

Blizzard looks back on the world's best strategy game.

Feature | Blizzard's Samwise Didier

The art director talks Warcraft and StarCraft. And checkers.

StarCraft II

The new adventures of old faithful.