StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void News

Don't expect any more new content for StarCraft 2

But balance changes and esport support will continue.

StarCraft 2 will go free-to-play later this month

Wings of Liberty story campaign free for everyone.

World of Warcraft dominates BlizzCon 2017 schedule, wink wink nudge nudge

But there will be no Diablo announcements this year. renamed Blizzard

Bigger name change rejected, new logo erected.

Chris Metzen on why he needed to leave Blizzard

"I started having panic attacks left and right."

Overwatch's D.Va to be an announcer in Starcraft 2

D.Va and Kerrigan in the same game? Is this a crossover episode?

Blizzard story overlord Chris Metzen retires aged 42

"I won't lie - it's going to be really hard stepping away."

Korean StarCraft rocked by another match-fixing scandal

Two banned for life - with more expected to follow.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void release date announced

A snazzy new cinematic trailer accompanies the reveal.

Free prologue missions announced for StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Whispers of Oblivion is free to all and coming soon.

Razer announces eSports documentary Team Razer: Great Games

A three-part series focusing on StarCraft, Dota and League of Legends.

Archon Mode revealed for Legacy of the Void

New multiplayer mode for StarCraft 2 will allow cooperative competitive play.

Blizzard is suing Starcraft 2 hackers for profiting off mods

And for generally making the game less fun.

BlizzCon returns this November

Will host Hearthstone World Championships.

What is Heroes of the Storm?

Blizzard files new trademark. Speculation ensues.

Fan-made MMO Starcraft: Universe enters Kickstarter

UPDATE: Funded with just over a day to go.

$175 BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale in two batches later this month

$500 charity dinner tickets up for grabs, too.

Blizzard: UFC-style reality shows could propel eSports into the mainstream

StarCraft 2 maker on the tipping point for professional gaming.

Modders building Warcraft RTS in StarCraft 2

New video rekindles fond memories.

Blizzard slams lawsuit over player security and sale of Authenticators

"Many players have voiced strong approval for our security-related efforts.”

Steam on GNU/Linux: Do non-free DRM games defeat the point?

GNU creator says it's "unethical", but that pros outweigh the cons.

Blizzard announces BattleTags

A unified nickname for players on

Blizzard's Morhaime firm on DOTA trademark

But "we're very friendly with Valve".

Blizzard aims for more accessible DOTA

Shorter games, simpler systems, less shouting.

Blizzard DOTA free but "there will be costs"

You can play it without buying SC2.

Dota trademark: Blizzard, Valve respond

Blizzard DOTA may launch with a new name.

Blizzard DOTA "completely rebooted"

Blizzard making it more user friendly.

Blizzard DOTA launch plans revealed

It'll be out "near" Heart of the Swarm.

Blizzard rules out StarCraft MMO

Pearce: "We've got our hands full."

Team Dignitas finds its StarCraft II pro

BlinG "cool and calm under pressure".

Team Dignitas seeks StarCraft II player

Are you good enough to go pro? Marketplace may never launch

Blizzard "committed", but "struggling".

Blizzard may hire World of StarCraft man

But, "If he's a jerk then absolutely not."

Heart of the Swarm "unlikely" for 2011

Blizzard's StarCraft II team "pounding away".

SCII: Heart of the Swarm ending leaks

Pre-visualisation video hits the internet.

Blizzard on Real ID: "The process worked"

"We always give players a heads up."

BioWare Mythic hates Real ID

"No. Never. Never. No."

Midnight opening for StarCraft II

"For the Horde!" Wait...

Blizzard forums to require real names

Storm of protest over Real ID.

Pearce: SCII should be "compelling" for all

"It's just like World of Warcraft, right?"

Pearce: Blizz has "room for improvement"

"Constant struggle" to do the right things.

Starcraft II gets July release date

Download release to follow retail.

StarCraft II Mac beta next week

Map editor patched in for PC this week.

Korean StarCraft teasers surface

Could they be related to SCII launch?

Betting scandal hits Korean StarCraft

Pro gamers accused of throwing matches.

Blizzard: 80% of effort for 20% of polish

So that's why they take so long.

Diablo III, new MMO in "next few years"

Blizzard's 2010 is StarCraft II and Cataclysm.

BlizzCon moving to Vegas in July?

LVCC thinks so, Blizzard not so sure.

No StarCraft II beta until next year

Confirmation from Russian expo.

StarCraft II on track for next spring

Where's that beta, Blizzard?

"More broad appeal" for Blizzard MMO

Kotick aiming high with WOW successor.

Cloud play and more for

Pardo blows open Blizzard's Live.

StarCraft II to allow paid-for mods

Creators to profit from marketplace.

Starcraft II LAN petition gets 100,000 sigs

Quite a few people not keen on

BlizzCon 2009 sold out in eight minutes

20,000 people to attend this year.

New "similar to Xbox Live"

Vision outlined for "social gaming network".

StarCraft II delayed into 2010

Development of new blamed.

Build for hardcore first, says Blizzard

Pardo argues accessibility can come later.

StarCraft II fans politely demand LAN play

Submit world's most obsequious petition.

No LAN support for StarCraft II

There is only

WOW held up StarCraft II for a year

Pardo explains SCII's long gestation.

E3: Morhaime: Starcraft II probably in 09

Plus: new Bond, Spidey in 2010, GH PSP.

First block of BlizzCon tickets sells out

More available in a fortnight.

Public StarCraft II beta this "summer"

It's almost a date from Blizzard!

StarCraft II beta registration open

If you own a Blizzard game (not EU WOW).

BlizzCon tickets on sale next week

Event will live internet streaming.

BlizzCon 08 beta keys being accepted

Are they for StarCraft II?

Blizzard releases iPhone authenticator

US only so far, other phones to come.

Blizzard launches new

Unified login for WOW and future games.

BlizzCon 2009 confirmed for August

Third WOW expansion to be announced?

StarCraft II beta to start in "months"

Will feature "basic version" of new

StarCraft II split into a trilogy

Story just wouldn't fit in one game.

Blizzard: WOW success is "exhausting"

"Great problem to have," says co-founder.

BlizzCon panels announced

More Diablo III info promised.

BlizzCon 2008 tickets all gone

Site goes up, fans go mental.

BlizzCon ticket demand griefs site

Sales offline until solution found.

Blizzard to start "gamerscore" system

WOW Achievements are just the beginning.

BlizzCon 2008 to be televised in the US

Bad luck for Euro WOW fans.

BlizzCon tickets on sale in August

Third US fan convention ramps up.

Fallout man asks Blizzard for forgiveness

For calling Diablo III "conservative".

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational

Diablo III, Lich King, StarCraft II.

BlizzCon 2008 announced

Third US fan convention in October.

The best MMO April Fools

Blizzard wins. Again.

Blizzard WWI tickets on sale Thursday

55 quid, 70 euros to attend Paris event.

Zerg revealed in StarCraft II

First details of mutant race's new units.

No in-game ads for StarCraft II

Blizzard explains Kotick comments.

StarCraft II is Blizzard's "best work ever"

Plus new battleground and WOW story plans.

Lich King and StarCraft II playable in June

Blizzard doing big event in Paris.

StarCraft Online on the way?

NetEase lining up to operate it.

Blizzard to do podcasts

Hints at new game reveals.

Nothing will change - Blizzard

Merger not affecting games.

StarCraft II unveiled

In development since 2003.