Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - Rebel Strike

Cancelled Star Wars games: a Dark side Rogue Squadron and Chewbacca action adventure

Which Star Wars game would you have preferred: a Dark side Rogue Squadron, called Dark Squadron, or a Chewbacca action adventure?

That's exactly the dilemma publisher LucasArts faced in late 2003, according to a new video by DidYouKnowGaming?. On the one hand there was Factor 5, developer of the Rogue Squadron series, and on the other, LucasArts' internal development studio. The latter prevailed but never saw the light of day, because George Lucas himself canned it, apparently not keen on the idea of Chewbacca leading a game.

The Chewbacca game concept followed his life as a bounty hunter between Star Wars films 3 and 4 - his journey from a warrior on homeworld Kashyyk to co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and best bud of Han Solo.

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Is it possible to cheat on a console? I don't mean entering the Konami Code or exploiting Game Genie-enabled shortcuts. I'm talking about the rather old-fashioned idea of digital monogamy, of staying true to one machine. Perhaps it's just a cultural hangover from declaring loyalty to either the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64, the sort of thing that happened a long time ago in a playground far, far away. Yet it became a pressing issue, personally, in 2002.