Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Features

FeatureHow a lifelong diet of games influenced The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

"I went to video games and did not realise I was doing it!"

FeatureDigging into the exciting and unlikely fan-made KOTOR reboot Apeiron

"Yes it is very ambitious, exceedingly even. But doable? Yes, very much so."

FeatureFear is the path to the dark side

Obsidian on KOTOR 2 and what KOTOR 3 might have been.

FeatureBastard of the Old Republic

Part 3: Return of the Bastard.

FeatureBastard of the Old Republic

Part 1: A nice man takes a journey to the Dark Side.

FeatureThe History of BioWare

They just keep rolling.

FeatureStar Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Preview - around here, it's the most highly anticipated Xbox game there is