Star Wars Kinect Videos

VideoKinect Star Wars mobile app footage

Android, iOS, Windows Phone versions now available.

VideoKinect Star Wars - first 15 minutes

Racing! Lightsabers! Force battles! No dancing.

VideoEGTV unboxes the super-expensive Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360

Tom Champion admires the gold controller and snazzy sound effects.

VideoNew Kinect Star Wars gameplay trailer

"You get to become a rancor for the first time."

VideoKinect Star Wars trailer fights Darth Vader

The Obi Wan you'll want to play.

VideoLucasArts' Kinect Star Wars teaser

Will it be a load of Tosche?

VideoStar Wars Kinect presentation video

Lightsabre fighting demoed on-stage.

VideoStar Wars title heading to Kinect

Now you can be that lightsaber kid.