Star Wars Kinect


VideoKinect Star Wars mobile app footage

Android, iOS, Windows Phone versions now available.

VideoKinect Star Wars - first 15 minutes

Racing! Lightsabers! Force battles! No dancing.

VideoEGTV unboxes the super-expensive Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360

Tom Champion admires the gold controller and snazzy sound effects.

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Blockbuster launches VIP Gamer rewards scheme

Blockbuster launches VIP Gamer rewards scheme

Retailer makes clear its gaming intention.

Blockbuster has signalled its intent to capture the hearts and minds of UK gamers with the launch of a rewards scheme of its own - one it reckons is the best available.

Blockbuster's VIP Gamer scheme launches today, and grants customers points for doing pretty much anything.

As with other reward schemes, such as GAME and Gamestation's reward card, VIP Gamer gives you points for spending money - 100 points for every £1 spent in-store and online.

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UK Top 40: Pandora's Tower charts in 38th place

FIFA Street climbs back on top.

Wii JRPG Pandora's Tower has failed to trouble the top of the UK all-formats chart. It squeaked a 38th place entry, despite being the first Nintendo-published title stocked at GAME since the retailer's recent troubles.

Japan chart: Vita sales slump to new sub-10k low

Japan chart: Vita sales slump to new sub-10k low

While Kinect Star Wars gives Xbox 360 a 300% bump.

Weekly Vita sales have plummeted to an all-time low in Japan, with Sony's new handheld dropping below 10,000 for the first time since launch.

The system managed to shift just 8931 units in the country last week, down from 12,105.

How much lower can it go? The next software launch of any consequence is a remake of PlayStation 2 favourite Persona 4 due on 14th June. That should offer a bit of a spike, but it's hardly Mario Kart.

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Kinect Star Wars Review

Kinect Star Wars Review

Darth punk'd.

In concept alone, Kinect Star Wars seems to have been designed to create a perfect storm of nerdrage. It's a collection of casual motion-controlled mini-games, to start with, the sort of cheesy shallow product that has been proven to drive self-professed "hardcore" gamers into steaming tantrums of outrage and disgust.

It's also Star Wars, the franchise that beguiled and betrayed an entire generation, turning wide-eyed children of the 1980s into bitter, jilted adults in the 2000s. Punch-drunk as they are, even the weariest Star Wars fan must surely still bristle at the news that this game features Darth Vader singing a Village People disco hit.

That surreal moment, bizarrely, is also one of the game's best. For the most part, Kinect Star Wars is a half-hearted grab bag of ideas, few of which feel fully formed or have been executed with any polish. There's a story mode, of sorts, in which you play a Jedi padawan crammed into yet another prequel-era storyline. There's podracing too, as well as lightsaber duels, a dancing game and a mode in which you stomp around as a Rancor, causing as much damage as possible to various locations. It's all vaguely linked together by C-3PO and R2-D2, who have apparently been sent to the derelict Jedi Temple by Luke Skywalker to explore the archives.

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Blockbuster doing midnight Star Wars Kinect launch

Blockbuster doing midnight Star Wars Kinect launch

UPDATE: GAME giving away huge Starkiller statue.

Update: GAME has just announced a Star Wars Kinect-themed competition to win a life-sized statue of Starkiller, the hero of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games.

This makes it look very likely that GAME will indeed honour pre-orders and sell the Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 console and game this Tuesday, 4th April.

There's a video of the Starkiller statue on the GAME YouTube page.

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Kinect Star Wars release date announced

Kinect Star Wars release date announced

Galactic Dance-Off Mode, anyone?

Kinect Star Wars makes its way onto shelves from 3rd April, Microsoft has confirmed.

The previously announced limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 console bundle arrives on the same day, priced at £349.99, including the game and a Kinect unit.

Developed by Ghostbusters: The Videogame studio Terminal Reality, the game features five separate modes: Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Duels of Fate and Galactic Dance-Off.

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Star Wars Kinect delayed

To ensure its "full potential is realised".

Star Wars Kinect won't make its planned holiday 2011 release window, Microsoft has announced.

Limited Star Wars Xbox 360 revealed

UPDATE: Europe release confirmed.

UPDATE: Xbox marketing man Graeme Boyd has confirmed via his Twitter feed that the Star Wars bundle will be available in Europe, though didn't volunteer a price.

FeatureKinect's Second Wave

Star Wars, Sesame Street, Disneyland and Rise of Nightmares.

The trajectory of most new video game hardware is a lot like the trajectory of a really good game of Defender: you fight for survival, you struggle to meet a specific set of criteria, and once you've done all that, the second wave swoops in and it's back to the grind. Hardware can't hyperspace its way out of trouble though. That bit of the analogy doesn't work.

Kinect "can't do a good lightsaber game"

Move's will be "damn better", says Sony dev.

One of the chief architects of Sony's motion sensing platform PlayStation Move reckons the upcoming Star Wars game for rival motion sensing add-on Kinect won't be much cop.

Star Wars Kinect alive and well

LucasArts: "Stay tuned."

Star Wars Kinect, unveiled during Microsoft's E3 2010 Project Natal extravaganza with an on-stage demonstration accompanied by a video, is indeed a game and not a tech demo, LucasArts has confirmed to Eurogamer.