Star Wars: Battlefront (DICE)

Battlefront's multiplayer-centric action is stylish and refreshingly simple, although it can feel more stunted than streamlined.


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20th November 2015

Star Wars Battlefront review

This Thursday will be huge for Star Wars fans as 2017's four-day Star Wars Celebration kicks off in Orlando, Florida. There'll be plenty for Jedi young and old to look forward across the four day convention, not least the long awaited trailer for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

FeatureHow DICE's Star Wars Battlefront struck back

And what Battlefront 2 should learn from it.

Star Wars Battlefront took its time to come good. It wasn't until the end of 2016, when the Death Star DLC dropped and completed the package, that it finally delivered on its considerable promise. Having burned plenty of early purchasers who paid full price for a content-light game at launch, EA DICE bigwigs have their work cut out to bring back singed-finger fans for the sequel. A proper campaign option would be one way of winning people over, but a better approach is perhaps to look at what the first game (eventually) got right - in particular, the Walker Assault mode on Hoth, Sabotage on Bespin and Battle Stations on the Death Star.

Star Wars Battlefront's Rogue One DLC gives us some pointers towards next year's sequel

It's taken its time, but step by step and piece by piece DICE has moved towards the Battlefront that fans wanted. Not that it was too far off at its first attempt, mind; upon release last November Star Wars Battlefront was an arrestingly gorgeous multiplayer shooter that only just stopped short of greatness. The updates outside of the expansion packs have often done a better job of keeping the game fresh than the paid DLC, but the final add-on for Battlefront feels like the most substantial yet. It certainly feels like the one that's been shaped most by fan feedback as well.

"The reception was mixed," DICE producer Paul Keslin says of the launch in an honest appraisal. "We've been listening to a lot of the feedback since launch and even post-launch as we've been adding new things. We've announced the next game that's coming out - those are things we're look to tackle in the future. We can't always get everything in the current game, but in the future we want to hit those things and give the fans what they're after."

Battlefront's Rogue One DLC comes mighty close to delivering one particular request from fans. When DICE's take on Battlefront was revealed, people were upset that it lacked one of the key features of the original games - namely the ability for players to go from on-foot to aerial combat in one seamless action. The Rogue One DLC doesn't quite go that far, but what it does is present a game mode that moves from aerial combat to ground warfare - and unlike the Death Star DLC before it that had a similar mode, the loading screens here are kept to a minimum, the transition now happening via a swift cutscene.

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Star Wars Battlefront is getting Rogue One DLC ahead of film's launch

Star Wars Battlefront is getting Rogue One DLC ahead of film's launch

UPDATE: New trailer shows off the upcoming expansion.

UPDATE 01/12/2016 6.22pm: EA has released the following new trailer showing off more of Star Wars Battlefront's Rogue One: Scarif expansion.

ORIGINAL STORY 17/11/2016 9.34pm: Star Wars Battlefront's final expansion, Rogue One: Scarif, will launch on 6th December, 10 days ahead of Rogue One's 16th December theatrical premiere.

The DLC adds four new maps, including the sandy tropical planet of Scarif, where Imperial troopers plow through the jungle in AT-ACTs. You can catch a glimpse of that in the trailer below.

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Poor DICE. One of the biggest criticisms thrown the way of its Star Wars-themed multiplayer shooter, and one of the biggest hurdles it's faced since its announcement, is that it didn't feel very much like Battlefront at all. Gone was the easy transition from on-foot combat to aerial dogfights, and every leaked piece of footage from Free Radical's Battlefront 3 only serves to illustrate how far DICE's take had fallen from the tree.

The Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC (downloadable content) rolled out yesterday, and with it, a big patch. Among the big list of changes was one in particular you should know about: the ability to equip two Trait cards in a battle. I've been playing this afternoon and it's worth pointing out that this doesn't mean you can have two Traits active at the same time, at least not from what I can see.

The Death Star DLC looks snazzy in Star Wars Battlefront

Get a load of Chewbacca and Bossk's powers - they're beasts!

The Death Star: such a great idea the Star Wars films did it thrice. It's coming to Star Wars Battlefront as paid downloadable content 20th September, and there's a finally a gameplay trailer showing it off.

Star Wars Battlefront's DLC might have gotten off to a slow start - I haven't got on at all with the Bespin or Outer Rim packs, but I've enjoyed pretty much everything else that has come to the game since its launch in December - but the next pack sounds like the real deal. Themed on the iconic Death Star, it comes with an all-new mode that sounds like it could be amazing.

Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil in turmoil

The Empire strikes back.

Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil, the fan-made remake of the never-released Battlefront 3, is dead. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced etc etc.

Rogue One is coming to Star Wars Battlefront

While Jyn and Krennic join as heroes.

Star Wars Battlefront's fourth and final DLC pack will bring locations and characters from this winter's Rogue One to the shooter, with the tropical planet of Scarif complemented by Jyn and Krennic - the characters played by Felicity Jones and Ben Mendelsohn.

After pumping over 60 hours into DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, I should finally admit that I've quite enjoyed this wilfully simple brand of multiplayer shooting, dressed up with all the bells and whistles and thwomping lasers you'd expect of a premium licensed product. Sometimes, it's just lovely to play something that's positively mindless, especially when it does such a grand job of swaddling you in nostalgia with its handsomely realised dioramas and sumptuous aesthetic. Battlefront's not a great game - far from it - but it's a perfectly good one.

Bespin DLC and big patch released for Star Wars: Battlefront

The Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin DLC arrives today and introduces the Cloud City and new heroes Lando Calrissian and Dengar, among other things. And alongside Bespin comes a beefy free new update for everyone.

In that free universal update is a rank increase to 70 as well as a new appearance unlock for both Rebel (Bespin wing guard) and Imperial (Shock Trooper) sides. The patch also changes Leia's honor guard personal troops into Royal Guards, and Palpatine's bodyguards into Alderaan Guards.

There are a long list of tweaks and alterations, including a few buffs to old Palpy and even to Boba Fett can you believe.

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Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin DLC gets a release date

Star Wars Battlefront's second big batch of DLC is coming on June 21st to Season Pass holders, with other players having access to the new content a couple of weeks later.

The next DLC pack for DICE's sublime-looking multiplayer shooter is themed on Bespin's Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back, and it promises to introduce some of the large-scale warfare that was missing from the Outer Rim DLC. It will also introduce new heroes in the form of Lando Calrissian and the bounty hunter Dengar, two new blasters in the shape of the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4 blasters and maps which are yet to be fully revealed. For now, we've got this quite lovely bit of key art to whet our appetites.

A sequel to Star Wars Battlefront was announced last month, while several other EA studios are working on the licence. Perhaps we can hope to see more during this Sunday's E3 conference which kicks off at 9pm BST.

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EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch

EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch

Promises series will improve on current Metacritic rating.

EA decided there would be no campaign in Star Wars Battlefront to make sure it could be released at the same time as Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

Patrick Soderlund, EA Studios boss, explained the decision last night in an investor broadcast where he touched on criticisms of the DICE-developed shooter.

The lack of a single-player campaign was a "conscious decision", Soderlund stated.

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Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

Amy Hennig's game to follow in 2018.

Star Wars: Battlefront will receive a sequel next year, publisher EA confirmed in a financial call earlier today.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise as Star Wars: Battlefront sold exceptionally well with over 14m copies shipped in just over four months.

EA also noted that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig's Star Wars game at Visceral will "most likely" launch in 2018.

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The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions

The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions

"I've got a bad feeling about this."

Looking for a Rey to spend your money? Ren look no further for it is Star Wars Day! M'az Kanata believe it!

There are promotions on Steam, GOG, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the App Store. Google Play doesn't seem to be doing anything significant. There are a handful of promotions surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Battlefront, including a PS4 and Origin discount to the game - and 50 per cent off on Xbox Live if you're a Gold member.

On Xbox Live the promotion is a bit naff: earn £3 promotional credit when you buy the film Force Awakens and play Star Wars Battlefront.

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Star Wars Battlefront May 4th content and May client update detailed

Tomorrow is Star Wars Day - "May the fourth be with you" - and in celebration EA has gifts planned for Star Wars Battlefront. Don't get too excited.

They are: 4,444 credits given for logging in; Jabba the Hutt stocking a new Bacta Bomb Star Card (not free); and a free, four-hour Origin trial. This is a trial for PC players only and does not include the paid Outer Rim content. The trial spans multiple game sessions so you needn't use the four hours all at once.

In addition, the May client update for Star Wars Battlefront has rolled out on all platforms. It mostly addresses things introduced to the game - either as free or paid content - last month. Paid new hero Nien Nunb, who builds turrets, has had his abilities dialled down a bit. But on the other hand, new weapons like the Dioxis Grenade, the Relby and the DT-12 have been buffed up.

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Star Wars Battlefront looks like it's getting more offline modes soon

Plus Lando confirmed as part of Bespin update in June.

EA's Star Wars Battlefront could be getting its much-requested offline mode bolstered, with an official blog post outlining the updates coming to the predominantly multiplayer shooter hinting there'll be more options coming soon for those that want to play without an internet connection.

Star Wars Battlefront has made some great strides since launch - the Outer Rim DLC isn't one of them

If there's one thing you can rely on DICE for, it's superb post-release support. It's what helped the hobbled Battlefield 4 back on its feet, pushing it towards greater strides that eventually saw it become one of the finest multiplayer shooters available on console (that single-player campaign, of course, was always going to be well beyond repair), and it's what's kept me sticking around with Battlefront, the slick Star Wars tie-in that was perhaps a little too streamlined upon its launch late last year.

What's changed since then? The fundamentals are still the same - this remains a stripped-back shooter, aiming for arcade simplicity over more complex thrills, but it's been bolstered by some fine-tuning and a couple of generous expansions, dishing out the superb 40-player mode Turning Point and a handful of maps gratis, including the wonderfully intricate, heart-stoppingly beautiful full-scale effort Survivors on Endor.

There's been a consistent trickle of new things to do, and while it's probably not enough to win back any put off by the relative shallowness of this particular brand of Battlefront, the spectacle it offers hasn't dimmed in the slightest; it's only become that little bit broader. The first significant DLC as part of Star Wars Battlefront, however, doesn't add that much for those who've bought the season pass. After some of DICE's generosity shown elsewhere, it can feel like something of a disappointment.

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Today's whopping 8GB Star Wars Battlefront update brings new weapons and Star Cards

A beefy 8GB update rolls out for Star Wars Battlefront today (timings here) in preparation for - but not exclusively for - the paid Outer Rim content.

Chief among the free new content available to all are new Hutt Contracts, which offer new weapons (the DL-18 and DT-12 pistols, and DLT-19X and RELBY-V10 targeting rifles) and Star Cards (Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade and Adrenaline Stim). You can see what they all do by logging into the Battlefront website. They all sound very powerful and presumably unlock at the highest levels (the upper Rank boundary has been increased to 60).

In addition, a new combat roll has been added for all non-Hero characters, and the Multiplayer menu has been redesigned and apparently now gets you into a game mode more quickly. Teams will now rebalance between map changes, and you'll be able to highlight objectives during battles to better organise your attack.

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Star Wars: Battlefront's Outer Rim DLC detailed

UPDATE: Release date and new gameplay trailer emerges.

UPDATE 17/03/206 7.21pm: Star Wars: Battlefront's upcoming Outer Rim expansion has been dated for 22nd March with a Season Pass. Those without one will have to wait an additional two weeks, so you're looking at 5th April.

Star Wars Battlefront patch nerfs Boba Fett, DL-44, Bowcaster, Homing Shot

Star Wars Battlefront patch nerfs Boba Fett, DL-44, Bowcaster, Homing Shot

"What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me. "

Star Wars Battlefront has been patched and there are nerfs - that is, certain things have been reduced in power, and most of the main offenders have been addressed.

Like... Boba Fett. His missiles won't lock onto targets any more, and the explosion radius of his rockets has been reduced from 4 to 2.5 meters. Specifically, the power of his blaster at range has been reduced.

Here are Boba Fett's specific changes, courtesy of EA:

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If you're not a recently unthawed caveman struggling hilariously to adjust to modern life, you will be aware of a new Star Wars movie coming out next week. This is good news for Star Wars game developers, as it means thousands more minor characters on which to base videogames.

EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

EA has defended Star Wars Battlefront's launch sales after US retail giant GameStop claimed the game had "underperformed".

Earlier this week, GameStop exec Tony Bartel told retail investors that a number of key November games had sold less than the chain had expected.

Star Wars Battlefront was one of three titles listed, along with Halo 5 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

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Star Wars Battlefront patched, Barrage and DL-44 reportedly nerfed

Star Wars Battlefront has been patched and Barrage, the rank 24 Star Card ability that lets you fire a volley of three grenades with a short fuse, appears to have been nerfed (weakened).

The patch notes for update 1.03 are vague, but the Battlefront forum and subreddit community report Barrage grenades now taking longer to explode, giving targets more time to run clear.

"Barrage takes SO MUCH LONGER TO BLOW UP IT'S 100 percent USELESS NOW," screeched Battlefront forum member Yotsi. "Even spamming across map Barrage does nothing. They did more then nerf it they killed it."

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Is Boba Fett overpowered in Star Wars Battlefront?

UPDATE: He is the most played Hero/Villain.

UPDATE 9TH DECEMBER: EA DICE has released a Star Wars Battlefront launch infographic that shows, among other things, Boba Fett as the most-played Hero or Villain. Luke is second, Han third, Leia fourth, Vader fifth and Palpy sixth.

Face-Off: Star Wars Battlefront vs Return of the Jedi

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Star Wars Battlefront vs Return of the Jedi

Capture mashed up with movie footage shows us how far graphics have come.

There's something about the speeder bike chase segment in Return of the Jedi that proves utterly irresistible to game developers. It's got to be the sheer speed and exhilaration of the sequence, plus its heavy reliance on first-person viewpoints to frame the action. Along with the Death Star trench segment, it's one of the few movie experiences that should translate almost seamlessly into gameplay. The only problem is - as countless titles over the last 32 years have demonstrated - gaming technology just doesn't have the raw power available to bring that iconic battle into playable life. Until now, perhaps.

Star Wars Battlefront brings the forest moon of Endor to life beautifully - a combination of beautifully rich detail backed with one of the most accomplished real-time lighting models in the business. Then there's the motion blur - a key component in replicating the speeder bike experience - and here, once again, DICE's technology does an uncanny job in replicating the source material. Which led us to wonder: just how close does Battlefront get to immersing you into a completely authentic Star Wars experience? Could we shift seamlessly between gameplay and movie footage?

We began our tests by splicing some Return of the Jedi footage with PlayStation 4 capture, and came away fairly impressed by the end result - but we knew that the Frostbite 3 engine had more to offer when paired with more formidable hardware. From there, we brought out the big guns to ensure the maximum possible visual quality from the game while reducing aliasing to an absolute minimum - we overclocked Nvidia's Titan X (the most powerful single-chip GPU on the market) and combined it with Intel's Core i7 6700K.

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We all know about the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass - I even italicised it for effect. Forty bloody quid: that's a lot of dosh. No one has to buy it and the add-ons will be available separately, but that's not the point: the point is perception. Battlefront needs those extra maps and Heroes and modes and things, and even before launch we were being primed to pay again for it.

Is it really all about the big battles in Star Wars Battlefront? They feel like a great big pile-up to me. Spawn, bungle enthusiastically forwards, die. Who shot me? Oh it was someone in a turret; oh it was someone behind me; oh it was an AT-AT or an AT-ST or an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter or an Orbital Strike. Spawn again, die. Is that really that much fun?

Star Wars Battlefront biggest ever Star Wars game launch in UK

Star Wars Battlefront has secured the biggest ever launch for a Star Wars game in the UK.

According to data from Chart-Track, which does not include download sales, DICE's multiplayer-focused shooter sold 117 per cent more units in its launch week than the previous best Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars Battlefront, which launched in the UK on Thursday, is the fourth biggest launch of any game in 2015, Chart-Track added, behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, FIFA 16 and Fallout 4.

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Face-Off: Star Wars: Battlefront

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Star Wars: Battlefront

Fully armed and operational - on all platforms.

When you look back at the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, one of the key titles holding the most promise was DICE's Battlefield 4. While resolutions fell under 1080p, the fact that we had a high-end PC game targeting 60fps on both platforms at launch showed real promise. Unfortunately, between connectivity issues and an unstable frame-rate in the game's larger multiplayer modes, the game's reputation took a hit when the dust settled. Now the task of rebuilding confidence in its products begins proper.

Over the past couple of years, its internal teams have been busy preparing two new titles, set for release within the next six months: Mirror's Edge Catalyst and of course, Star Wars: Battlefront. It's the year of Star Wars so it should be no surprise that hype around this title has been immense - but many reviewers have found the game lacking in content and depth next to Battlefield. While it's true that the game feels somewhat 'barebones', this focused design comes with some benefits. Primarily, reigning in ambitions has allowed DICE to create a beautifully polished experience from top to bottom.

Star Wars: Battlefront is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC and manages to push each platform to new heights in many technological disciplines, with some truly remarkable visuals. Using the latest iteration of Frostbite, we see a perfect mix of performance and visual quality throughout the experience. It's a game customised to run as smoothly as possible on consoles while delivering beautiful results.

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Star Wars Battlefront has been out for a day in the UK and for a few days in the US (and for a week if you count the EA Access early start on Xbox One), which is plenty of time for people to record themselves doing extraordinary things in it.

Star Wars Battlefront review

Star Wars Battlefront review

Fully operational?

Opportunities really don't come much bigger than this. In the run-up to Disney's revival of the Star Wars movies this December - although, after the flat-lining prequels, the term resuscitation might be more apt - everything that's graced by the fizzing glow of a lightsaber is destined to turn to gold. Star Wars Battlefront, the first fruit of a partnership between Disney and EA that's set to span 10 years, is shooting to be one of the big beneficiaries of this, riding on the cyclonic uplift of hype swirling around the release of The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Battlefront

Publisher: EA

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Why is Star Wars Battlefront a PEGI 16?

"Players can choke or electrocute their enemies, causing them to writhe in pain."

The Games Rating Authority has explained why Star Wars Battlefront has received a PEGI 16 rating, specifically citing the violence enacted by playable characters Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

FeatureStar Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era

DICE's reboot is full of simple thrills, but can they last?

The Battlefront name really does it no favours. Pandemic's 2004 original and its quick-fire sequel, delivered just 12 months later, might be over a decade old, but memories of their chaotic, epic battles still burn brightly. Coming to EA and developer DICE's reboot straight off the back of the all-encompassing space skirmishes of Battlefront 2, it can all feel like something of a backwards step.

I've been playing a bit of Star Wars Battlefront on the EA Access trial on Xbox One. My favourite thing so far? The death animations. When you get a kill, the enemy soldier falls over in a shower of sparks with a melodramatic "aaargh!" - just like an overenthusiastic extra taking a tumble in the movies, making the most of their three seconds of fame.

FeatureWhat it's like to play Star Wars Battlefront solo

Right now, I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself.

Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer game, of course - it's always been billed that way, and it's been very much designed to be played that way. There is solo content, though - and I'm not talking about the wise-cracking mercenary who makes a cameo appearance here as one of Battlefront's Heroes, complete with his infamous shoulder barge that we know and love from the movies - and it's where you'll likely spend your first moments with Battlefront. The problem is, it's not all that much fun.

Gameplay of canned Star Wars Battlefront 3 shows impressive ground-to-space tech

Free Radical Design's cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been shown off again in newly-leaked footage. It's our best look yet at what might have been.

The TimeSplitters and Second Sight studio had been developing the game for two years when LucasArts pulled the project back in 2006, a decision which caused the studio's fall into administration.

Free Radical's impressive ground-to-space technology is shown off in detail, as the player is seen taking off and flying around huge areas set on Hoth and Coruscant, then off into space to battle TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers.

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Digital FoundryPreparing your PC for Star Wars: Battlefront

Digital Foundry on PC performance and recommended hardware across all budgets.

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta concluded a few days ago and DICE can seemingly rest easy - the nightmares of the Battlefield 4 era look to be over, server stability held up despite the immense load caused by a cumulative 9m users, and what was presented was a remarkably solid piece of code - good news, bearing in mind that the game releases in just a few short weeks. The beta also allowed us to profile the revised Frostbite 3 engine across a range of graphics hardware, allowing us to put together this performance preview with settings and hardware recommendations.

No matter how many times I keep hammering away at the game on my PS4 dashboard it seems the Star Wars Battlefront beta is very much done and dusted, which is something of a shame. Opinion's been cleanly split on Dice's multiplayer-only foray into the much-loved space opera's universe, but I think I enjoyed its shallow thrills more than most. Yes it's all a bit dumb, but wasn't that always going to be the way when it comes to something as mass-market as Star Wars? Battlefield's bullets might win out over lasers and lightsabers, but I'm sure every one of us wants a bit of pew-pew fun every now and then.

Yes, the Rebels had it tough in the Star Wars Battlefront beta

Were Empire forces at an unfair advantage in the Star Wars Battlefront beta's Walker Assault on Hoth battle? Everyone who played the beta has an opinion and usually it's the same one: yes.

Chiefly, the Empire has powerful AT-AT and AT-ST walkers the Rebel army has no obvious answer to, because elsewhere Luke Skywalker counters Darth Vader, and the T-47 Airspeeder and X-Wing power-ups counter the TIE Fighters and Interceptors.

The Rebel aim is to capture and hold Uplink Stations that call in AI Y-Wing bombers to trigger a period of AT-AT vulnerability, in which they can be harmed and destroyed. But they don't go down easily: you'll need a couple of vulnerability periods to shoot one down - and capturing and holding Uplink Stations while Imperial forces try to prevent you is hard. As a Rebel, the odds feel stacked against you, and more often than not, you lose - those little toy power generators are pew-pewed to high heaven.

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More than 9 million played the Star Wars Battlefront beta

How big is Star Wars Battlefront going to be this November/Christmas? If the beta is anything to go by: big (although the beta does not cost £40-50).

More than 9 million people logged into and played the Star Wars Battlefront beta over the past few days, EA DICE has announced. Making it, senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir added, "the single largest beta in the history of EA". Servers closed today at 4pm BST.

"Ever since we revealed Star Wars Battlefront back in April, we knew the beta would be a huge test for our game," she wrote. "After all, the beta has been one of the most talked about topics around the game over the last six months, and it was exciting (and a little nerve racking if I'm being completely honest) to open it up to the world.

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Star Wars Battlefront has a £40 Season Pass

Plus more on the new Hero Hunt multiplayer mode.

It's hardly surprising but here it is anyway: Star Wars Battlefront has a Season Pass. It buys four planned, upcoming expansion packs "filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away", says the Battlefront website. Season Passers also get a two-week head start on expansion content as well as an exclusive 'Shoot First' emote.

Star Wars Battlefront beta extended until Tuesday

Star Wars Battlefront beta extended until Tuesday

UPDATE: Ends 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 8am PST.

UPDATE 13TH OCTOBER: You've got until 4pm today, UK time, to play the beta. EA announced on Twitter that servers will close at 4pm BST / 5PM CEST / 8AM PST.

ORIGINAL STORY 12TH OCTOBER: Missed the weekend's Star Wars Battlefront beta? Never fear - EA has extended its testing period until Tuesday, 13th October.

There's no firm time for the beta to now end, but it should mean you can get at least one extra evening of play.

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Yesterday, EA's Star Wars Battlefront beta support message was: "A lot of interest around the beta. We're bringing more PC servers online and appreciate your patience." That was 17 hours ago, and whatever EA DICE has done seems to be working - Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter, who couldn't find an online server to play on, on PC, most of yesterday, is now playing.

Performance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront beta on Xbox One

Digital FoundryPerformance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront beta on Xbox One

It's 720p - but to what extent does that impact the game?

UPDATE 10/10/15 11:37am: Rounding off our console coverage of the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, we thought we'd take a look at the survival mode two-player split-screen on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this mode, DICE drops frame-rate to 30fps, with pretty decent results. The action is still plenty of fun, although we did notice that fluidity is compromised owing to some frame-pacing issues. We noticed something similar in Need for Speed: Rivals a couple of years back and it was fixed via a patch, so fingers crossed DICE can do the same here. One thing we can confirm after further testing is that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions do run the split-screen component at full 1080p, with DICE effectively trading frame-rate for resolution - so a 1920x540 resolution per player window is confirmed.

Original Story: The Star Wars Battlefront beta kicked off yesterday, giving us our first opportunity to go hands-on with the Xbox One version of this hugely anticipated game. But going in, our concern was this: the PS4 beta renders at 900p - just as Battlefield 4 did two years ago - and we suspected that history might repeat itself on Xbox One as well, with a sub-optimal 720p presentation. We had harboured hopes that two years of familiarising itself with the Microsoft hardware would result in a higher base rendering resolution, or that we may see a dynamic resolution as seen in the likes of Halo 5: Guardians.

It hasn't happened. Battlefront on Xbox One is fixed at 720p, meaning that it runs at 64 per cent of the PS4's overall pixel count. From an image quality perspective, the compromises are just as you'd expect; we see more aliased edges, and a higher level of shimmering on fine distant detail - particularly on Tatooine's flag-lines. Added to that, there's a softening to the picture as a whole - a result of a more drastic upscale, combined with a similar grade of post-process anti-aliasing to PS4.

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Star Wars: Battlefront beta data-mined, Leia, Han Solo and Emperor found

People poking around the Star Wars: Battlefront beta files on PC have found mention of other iconic heroes as well as something called Hero Hunt or Hero Battle.

The files mention the Emperor, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Boba Fett. Mined sound files attached to these characters can be listened to on SoundCloud. Thanks AGB and Reddit users TheeUberMedic and radgamerdan.

The sound recordings are curious. The Emperor's specifically reference killing Princess Leia, Han Solo and encountering Luke Skywalker. Whereas Leia references killing the Emperor and encountering Darth Vader. Han Solo, on the other hand, references killing Boba Fett and encountering Darth Vader. Could this be some kind of multi-hero battle? This thinking is fuelled further by the words "herobattle" and "herohunt" in file names.

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Performance Analysis: Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4

Digital FoundryPerformance Analysis: Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4

Digital Foundry presents initial impressions and metrics.

UPDATE 10/10/15 11:37am: Rounding off our console coverage of the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, we thought we'd take a look at the survival mode two-player split-screen on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this mode, DICE drops frame-rate to 30fps, with pretty decent results. The action is still plenty of fun, although we did notice that fluidity is compromised owing to some frame-pacing issues. We noticed something similar in Need for Speed: Rivals a couple of years back and it was fixed via a patch, so fingers crossed DICE can do the same here. One thing we can confirm after further testing is that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions do run the split-screen component at full 1080p, with DICE effectively trading frame-rate for resolution - so a 1920x540 resolution per player window is confirmed.

Original Story: Along with a select few, we've managed to acquire early access to the Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 beta ahead of its official release on October 8th. With several gameplay sessions captured, we're now able to compare the console version's performance and visual make-up against the PC build we played a couple of weeks back in Stockholm. To cut to the chase, the PS4 game runs at a 1600x900 native resolution, falling into line with DICE's previous work on the console. It means there is an upscale on the image, but for the most part its post-process anti-aliasing does a decent enough job in keeping the image clean.

As for performance, the game targets 60fps and hits this number for the most part. Running across the tundra of the Assault Walker stage, it feels buttery smooth at this refresh, with no noticeable drops. However, the PS4 beta starts to struggle once we get into the final third of this match-up, with the encroaching AT-AT vehicles forcing rebels into an interior base. Alpha effects-work cranks up a gear as the two sides clash around this spot, and we get repeated 50fps drops as grenades or missile strikes crash down too.

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Digital FoundryDigital Foundry: Hands-on with Star Wars: Battlefront

The PC version dissected ahead of the open beta.

In certain respects, Star Wars: Battlefront is the best looking game the Frostbite 3 engine has yet produced. The toolset is suitably expanded to make sure each map and weapon holds true to the source material - a product of its new physically-based rendering. That said, having experienced the PC beta code first-hand at a recent press event, it's also fair to say that certain aspects of its technology are pared back compared to DICE's Battlefield line. It's a different beast of course, but just what does this mean for the game, and its performance on PC?

Star Wars: Battlefront beta already being live-streamed

Star Wars: Battlefront beta already being live-streamed

Players gain early access ahead of general Thursday roll-out.

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta is not due to launch worldwide until this Thursday, but streamers are already starting to get early access.

A number of streams have already popped up on Twitch, thanks to keys given out by EA and DICE developers on Twitter.

The beta, available on PC via Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, includes the 40-player Walker Assault on Hoth, and Drop Zone on Sullust.

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The first thing that strikes home, as both Stormtroopers and Rebels dart every which-way across Sullust's wasteland, is just how well it all comes together visually. Not only in seeing the latest PC build running this unseen map at tip-top settings, bringing to life a charcoal-black network of rock pathways and ruined spacecraft. But it's also in the style - how DICE works finer touches into its Star Wars shooter to separate the game from its Battlefield legacy.

FeatureThe best of EGX 2015

Picking through the highlights of this year's show.

It's nearly done. After three days of drinking, chatting and, funnily enough, playing games, EGX 2015 is entering its final stretch, and we're all blearily considering the long trek home from Birmingham NEC. And what a year it's been! We've been graced by legends such as Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, been entertained by the Dragon's Den-esque Pitch Your Game Idea at the Rezzed sessions and discovered some new and exciting games at the various indie sections. What, though, have been the highlights? Here's a little selection of what's made this year's EGX special.

Star Wars Battlefront beta due in two weeks

Star Wars Battlefront beta due in two weeks

Includes three game modes, runs for four days.

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta will run from 8th-12th October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, publisher EA has announced.

This is an open beta and is thus available to all players. No need to sign up.

The beta will be comprised of the following three modes:

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Star Wars Battlefront beta playable offline, open to everyone

You can play the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta offline, EA has confirmed.

The beta includes both offline and online modes, including co-op and split-screen co-op, community chief Mathew Everett wrote on the Star Wars Battlefront website.

The beta, which kicks off early October on PC via Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, includes the 40-player Walker Assault on Hoth, and Drop Zone on Sullust.

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Star Wars Battlefront beta out early October

The Star Wars Battlefront beta comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin in early October, EA has announced.

Developer DICE said the beta includes Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player battle featuring Rebels and the Empire. In this you have the chance to play as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

The beta also includes Survival Mission on Tatooine. Here, you and a Rebel friend fight waves of Imperial forces.

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EGXEGX 2015: Star Wars Battlefront first UK hands-on

Mirror's Edge Catalyst! Need for Speed! FIFA 16! More!

This year's EGX, the UK games festival formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo (and run by our parent company Gamer Network, disclosure fans), will be the first opportunity to play Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. FIFA 16 will be playable on the Xbox booth, too.

Star Wars Battlefront details the Conquest-like Supremacy mode

Star Wars Battlefront details the Conquest-like Supremacy mode

Play as Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Darth Vader.

Star Wars Battlefront's territory control based Supremacy mode has been detailed.

The goal of this epic mode is to gain control of five points scattered across the map. Each team begins with two points in their turf and will naturally rumble over the fifth point in the map's center. Once this is determined, the control points need to be claimed in a specific order for each team.

"When you spawn into Supremacy, you don't have to move far to see a lot of friends - and enemies," said lead level designer Dennis Brännvall on the game's official site. "You're thrown into a massive frontline, where your screen is filled with adversaries: infantry, Heroes, Walkers, and starfighters. You can prepare for very heavy and focused Star Wars action."

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The Eurogamer Gamescom day two podcast extravaganza

What the blue blazes did Chris, Ian and Bertie see now?

Well, well, well, a second podcast, what on earth is going on. I tell you what's going on: Gamescom! Day two is over, Bertie, Chris and Ian are knackered, and Martin's gone home. However, we're not too tired to have good chit-chat about what we saw today (Thursday 6th) and we saw quite a lot: the brilliant Oculus Touch, the brilliant XCOM 2 and the brilliant but maybe a little simple Star Wars: Battlefront spaceship fights. We also saw Ninja Theory's curious new game Hellblade, which Bertie was a bit underwhelmed by. And how about that man who sent his game in a briefcase to Gabe Newell? Join us as we debrief - hope you enjoy it.

Gamescom is a beautiful, hot, noisy mess of a show and an utter delight to visit. Sadly, not everyone can go - and this year, that includes me. But thankfully, we packed Chris Bratt off to tour the show with a camera in hand to capture just what attending the world's biggest gaming show is like.

FeatureThe Gamescom Bulletin: Day 2

Battlefront! Mafia! Awkward banter!

Welcome to our second news roundup from Gamescom! The show is now up and running and with it our crack Away Team. We'd tell you what they've been saying so far, but they've helpfully recorded a half-hour chat rattling through it all, including Martin getting IRL blocked by Kamiya. We are hoping this was accompanied by an official badge.

Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode gameplay footage

Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode gameplay footage

X-Wings! TIE-Fighters! Millennium Falcon! And more.

DICE has shown off a first look at Star Wars: Battlefront's aerial combat mode, Fighter Squadron.

Footage shown during EA's Gamescom 2015 press conference showed off dogfights between X-Wings and TIE-Fighters.

An Imperial Shuttle, Boba Fett's Slave I and the Millennium Falcon are also included.

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EA Gamescom 2015 conference

Mirror's Edge! Battlefront! Excruciating Sims dance routine! All the news as it happened (or didn't).

Mirror's Edge! Battlefront! Excruciating Sims dance routine! All the news as it happened (or didn't).

Star Wars Battlefront details team-based Blast Mode

Star Wars Battlefront details team-based Blast Mode

10 vs 10 team deathmatch with no vehicles.

Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE has detailed its upcoming Blast Mode.

As covered on Star Wars Battlefront's official site, this will be a fairly conservative 10 vs 10 team-based competitive mode. The game ends when either a team reaches 100 kills, or the 10-minute time-limit expires. Whichever happens first.

Lead level designer Dennis Brännvall explained that every map alters its properties to custom suit each game mode. "Say you've just played Walker Assault mode on Hoth and then switched to Blast, still on Hoth. Thanks to variations in lighting and time of day, you'll definitely see a difference," he stated.

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Digital FoundryStar Wars Battlefront on PS4 shows huge promise - but needs work

Digital Foundry analyses DICE's crucial console reveal.

With a show of work-in-progress gameplay footage - as captured from PlayStation 4 - Star Wars Battlefront's E3 demo was a genuine highlight of this year's event. Unlike its earlier April reveal (set to a woodland battle on Endor), it's also a far more realistic take on what to expect of PS4's multiplayer; a continuous run of on-foot and vehicular action around the snowy tundra of Hoth. But for all its flair, does it stack up to the game's impressive earlier reveal - and how is performance shaping up?

Happy Fourth of July, people who care about that sort of thing! I'll be honest with you, I completely forgot the significance of today until I typed that excellent, witty and not at all dreadful sub-heading you see at the top of this page. If you're looking for a reference to American independence in this week's Eurogamer Show, I'll level with you - you're not going to find one.

Star Wars: Battlefront's closed alpha launches next week on PC

Star Wars: Battlefront's closed alpha launches next week on PC

Sign-ups now live, invites already going out.

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting a closed alpha on PC next week and invites are going out now.

You can sign up for your chance to partake in the alpha on the Star Wars: Battlefront official site between now and 12.59am UK time Tuesday, 30th June.

As reported by GearNuke, the closed alpha will be available for pre-load on 1st July and will unlock on 2nd July at 2am.

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Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

Hoth! Speeders! AT-ATs! Darth Vader!

EA, presumably entranced by the, um, extensive Pele interview that anchored its FIFA presentation, has released the Star Wars: Battlefront footage a little early. It's five whole minutes of Hoth-based action, and looks really rather special.

Watch this AT-AT mod invade Arma 3

While you wait for Star Wars: Battlefront...

Star Wars: Battlefront comes out in November, but you can get a taste of the action a little sooner via this new Arma 3 mod.

FeatureStar Wars Battlefront is more than just a big budget Battlefield mod

How DICE embedded itself in the Star Wars universe, and what we saw in the demo.

When JJ Abrams gave his much-anticipated public panel on The Force Awakens in Anaheim this weekend as part of the Star Wars Celebration 2015 event, one of the loudest cheers he received (and there were a lot of loud cheers) was when he reassured fans - jaded with the overuse of digital effects thanks to the disastrous prequel trilogy - that he had scaled back production of his sequels to include as many physical props and tangible locations as possible.

Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

Plus 10 seconds of in-game footage and a screenshot.

Star Wars: Battlefront's release date has been leaked as 17th November, 2015.

The release date was discovered on the source code of the game's official site. AllGamesBeta and Videogamer both snagged screencaps of it before it was removed. The source code read: "The latest news and updates for Star Wars Battlefront. Available November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC."

This is in keeping with what we already knew about EA targeting a "holiday 2015" release.

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DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

Guess that means Star Wars: Battlefront is on hold.

Battlefield 4 developer DICE has placed all of its expansions and "future projects" on the backburner while it puts all hands on deck to focus on the mess that is Battlefield 4's launch. Yes, that includes the Star Wars: Battlefront reboot it's been brewing up.

EA announces Star Wars-focused DICE Los Angeles studio

EA announces Star Wars-focused DICE Los Angeles studio

A new hope for the Battlefront series?

EA has announced a new LA-based branch of Battlefield developer DICE that will focus on creating Star Wars games.

The studio is open to continuing existing Star Wars game series as well as developing entirely new franchises, DICE boss Karl-Magnus Troedsson told The Wall Street Journal.

Top of many Star Wars fans' wishlists is a new Battlefront game. The series was in development at UK studio Free Radical Design (now Crytek UK) before LucasArts pulled the plug.

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Another hour of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 gameplay footage leaks

An hour of new Star Wars: Battlefront 3 gameplay has been streamed online as part of the annual 4th May Star Wars fan celebrations.

The footage begins with an extended gameplay session on Desolation Station, an asteroid-based facility used in the construction of the Death Star.

Later maps shown include Hoth, the Death Star and rural Dantooine.

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Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage discovered

Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage discovered

Trashed work from TimeSplitters developer revealed.

More footage from the canned Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game once in development at TimeSplitters creator Free Radical Design has been uncovered.

The freshly uncovered video clip is taken from an early Xbox 360 build of the game, said Past To Present, earlier even than the previous video evidence of Free Radical's efforts: a shaky YouTube clip posted online three years ago, soon after the project (and then the studio itself) collapsed.

The video reveals early gameplay footage and a glimpse at what the full game would offer via the title's extensive menus. Modes included Story Campaign, Training, Galactic Conquest, Instant Action, Challenges, Freeplay and Jedi Arena.

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Star Wars: Battlefront sequel files hidden on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disc

Resident Evil: Raccoon City developer Slant Six was working on a Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, according to hidden files unearthed on Raccoon City's disc.

The data (uncovered by BetaGames and posted on NeoGAF) contains in-progress artwork for a Hoth level, hidden in a folder named "Luke". A character model showing Luke in his orange pilot jumpsuit is also viewable.

"It is the morning of the Imperial assault on the Rebel base on Hoth," reads a chunk of text viewable on the concept art. "The wreckage of a downed Victory Class Star Destroyer is the setting for one of the first battles over Echo Base and the future of the Rebellion hangs in the balance."

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