Star Wars: Battlefront (DICE)

Battlefront's multiplayer-centric action is stylish and refreshingly simple, although it can feel more stunted than streamlined.


Feature | How DICE's Star Wars Battlefront struck back

And what Battlefront 2 should learn from it.

DICE leaves Star Wars Battlefront behind for multi-era Battlefront 2

"No future Skirmish content is planned," sadly.

Star Wars Battlefront is getting Rogue One DLC ahead of film's launch

UPDATE: New trailer shows off the upcoming expansion.

The Death Star DLC looks snazzy in Star Wars Battlefront

Get a load of Chewbacca and Bossk's powers - they're beasts!

Rogue One is coming to Star Wars Battlefront

While Jyn and Krennic join as heroes.

EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch

Promises series will improve on current Metacritic rating.

Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

Amy Hennig's game to follow in 2018.

Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped over 14m copies

Battlefield series had 9.4m players last quarter.

The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions

"I've got a bad feeling about this."

Star Wars Battlefront looks like it's getting more offline modes soon

Plus Lando confirmed as part of Bespin update in June.

Star Wars Battlefront to get free Hutt Contracts soon

Looks like Jabba's offering a DL-18 and... Dengar's Blaster?

Star Wars: Battlefront's Outer Rim DLC detailed

UPDATE: Release date and new gameplay trailer emerges.

Star Wars' Finn actor calls for a Battlefront story mode

Boyega says its single-player "definitely leaves you wanting".

New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

Star Wars: Battlefront shipped 13m units, surpassing expectations.

Star Wars Battlefront patch nerfs Boba Fett, DL-44, Bowcaster, Homing Shot

"What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me. "

Star Wars PS2 Classics now available from PS4 store

Bounty Hunter! Jedi Starfighter! Racer Revenge!

Star Wars Battlefront misses out on Christmas chart number one

COD top once again, thanks to stronger Xbox sales.

Is Boba Fett overpowered in Star Wars Battlefront?

UPDATE: He is the most played Hero/Villain.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Star Wars Battlefront vs Return of the Jedi

Capture mashed up with movie footage shows us how far graphics have come.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Star Wars: Battlefront

Fully armed and operational - on all platforms.

Why is Star Wars Battlefront a PEGI 16?

"Players can choke or electrocute their enemies, causing them to writhe in pain."

Star Wars Battlefront £40 Season Pass contents partially revealed

Who will the new four new Heroes or Villains be?

Feature | Star Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era

DICE's reboot is full of simple thrills, but can they last?

Feature | What it's like to play Star Wars Battlefront solo

Right now, I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself.

Video | Watch: Ian play the full version of Star Wars: Battlefront

Boldly going where no man has gone before at 5pm.

All Star Wars Battlefront's blasters, Traits, Star Cards revealed

Rank 13 for Jump Pack in full game, rank 28 for the Cycler Rifle.

Watch The Emperor do Force Lightning in Star Wars Battlefront

A glimpse of he, Leia, Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Han Solo, Leia and Palpatine detailed in Star Wars: Battlefront

There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.

Digital Foundry | Preparing your PC for Star Wars: Battlefront

Digital Foundry on PC performance and recommended hardware across all budgets.

Star Wars Battlefront won't have dedicated voice chat

And PC gamers, in particular, are upset.

Star Wars Battlefront has a £40 Season Pass

Plus more on the new Hero Hunt multiplayer mode.

Star Wars Battlefront beta extended until Tuesday

UPDATE: Ends 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 8am PST.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront beta on Xbox One

It's 720p - but to what extent does that impact the game?

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4

Digital Foundry presents initial impressions and metrics.

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Star Wars: Battlefront

The PC version dissected ahead of the open beta.

Star Wars: Battlefront beta already being live-streamed

Players gain early access ahead of general Thursday roll-out.

Star Wars Battlefront won't have microtransactions

"The currency system is based on your game performance."

Feature | The best of EGX 2015

Picking through the highlights of this year's show.

Star Wars Battlefront beta due in two weeks

Includes three game modes, runs for four days.

10 minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront alpha footage leak

"Judging by your aim, you're not a game journalist."

No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront

And people are upset about it.

EGX | EGX 2015: Star Wars Battlefront first UK hands-on

Mirror's Edge Catalyst! Need for Speed! FIFA 16! More!

Star Wars Battlefront details the Conquest-like Supremacy mode

Play as Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Darth Vader.

The Eurogamer Gamescom day two podcast extravaganza

What the blue blazes did Chris, Ian and Bertie see now?

Feature | The Gamescom Bulletin: Day 2

Battlefront! Mafia! Awkward banter!

Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode gameplay footage

X-Wings! TIE-Fighters! Millennium Falcon! And more.

EA Gamescom 2015 conference

Mirror's Edge! Battlefront! Excruciating Sims dance routine! All the news as it happened (or didn't).

Star Wars Battlefront details team-based Blast Mode

10 vs 10 team deathmatch with no vehicles.

Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

UPDATE: EA battling Twitch streams, pulling footage offline.

Star Wars: Battlefront's closed alpha launches next week on PC

Sign-ups now live, invites already going out.

DICE: why Star Wars Battlefront AT-ATs are on-rails

Non-playable Ewoks confirmed, and no you can't use them for target practice.

Feature | The E3 Bulletin: Thursday

Shenmue! Ghost Recon! Zelda! Mirror's Edge!

Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

Hoth! Speeders! AT-ATs! Darth Vader!

EA Star Wars domain cybersquatted by 4chan users

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Star Wars Battlefront: no classes or squads

It's a different battlefield.

Watch this AT-AT mod invade Arma 3

While you wait for Star Wars: Battlefront...

Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign

UPDATE: The game engine footage trailer awakens. Switch between first-person and third-person at will.

Feature | Star Wars Battlefront is more than just a big budget Battlefield mod

How DICE embedded itself in the Star Wars universe, and what we saw in the demo.

Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

Plus 10 seconds of in-game footage and a screenshot.

Star Wars Battlefront out Christmas 2015

Battlefield 5 out Christmas 2016.

EA to unveil six new games at E3

Star Wars: Battlefront will be there, but what else?

DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

Guess that means Star Wars: Battlefront is on hold.

Star Wars: Battlefront reboot due around summer 2015

It's the first of EA's upcoming Star Wars games.

Star Wars: Battlefront is "DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be"

DICE to stamp its authority on the much-loved series.

EA announces Star Wars-focused DICE Los Angeles studio

A new hope for the Battlefront series?

TimeSplitters dev was working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 and 4

Plus, Activision asked Free Radical how it would do a new GoldenEye.

Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage discovered

Trashed work from TimeSplitters developer revealed.

Evidence for impending Star Wars: Battlefront 3 mounts

Recruitment ad, dev CVs add to breadcrumb trail.

Leaked Battlefront III footage emerges

As Rebellion takes creative control.