Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE) News

All EA games affected as publisher's server network struggles amid Anthem demo launch

Players are struggling to get online in the likes of FIFA, Battlefield 5, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as EA continues to experience issues across its entire server network following the launch of Anthem's VIP demo earlier today.

EA's server troubles began around 5pm UK time this evening, as BioWare's VIP demo event got underway. In the rush to play, servers quickly became overwhelmed, with players reporting continued difficulties joining a session.

Community manager Jesse Anderson was quick to respond, telling players via Twitter that, "Servers are getting SLAMMED", and that the "team is working on it as we speak." Shortly after, EA Help reported that "more server capacity" was being added in a bid to ease network woes.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2's new cosmetic microtransactions go live

We could almost buy our own ship for that!

In-game microtransactions have returned to Star Wars Battlefront 2 - although this time they're limited to cosmetic unlocks. As detailed last week, the in-game purchases come as part of the game's new Night on Endor update, which lets you play as (and kill off) Ewoks.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's new Night On Endor update lets you play as an Ewok

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's new Night On Endor update lets you play as an Ewok

Also introduces first wave of cosmetic Appearances.

DICE has detailed Star Wars: Battlefront 2's next major update, due on April 18th, which includes a new limited-time mode in the form of Ewok Hunt, and the first wave of cosmetic Appearances.

Ewok Hunt unfolds, naturally enough, on the forest moon of Endor, and splits players into teams of Ewoks and Stormtroopers. "The ambush begins as the Ewok attacks the unsuspecting stormtroopers, using spears, Wisties, and whatever abilities they can muster", explains DICE.

"Each defeated stormtrooper spawns as another Ewok, multiplying until the Empire's forces have been completely eliminated, and the Ewok celebration can begin". If the Stormtroopers can survive until an extraction team arrives, "they'll make it off of Endor and claim the win".

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets first update of 2018

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been patched - the game's first update of 2018. The headline features are a new map for Blast mode - on the eye-catching red/salt planet of Crait - and a new Hero ship for Starfighter Assault in the form of Iden Versio's modified TIE fighter.

Battlefront 2's microtransactions are still frozen nearly two months later.

The Blast on Crait map takes place in the mines among machinery and crystals. Iden Versio's TIE fighter, which costs 5000 credits to unlock, comes with the Afterburner, Laser Barrage, Dual Proton Torpedos and Inferno Leader abilities - the latter uncovering all enemies within a radius and increasing the damage they take.

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It's The Last Jedi patch day in Star Wars Battlefront 2

It's The Last Jedi patch day in Star Wars Battlefront 2

"We do not spoil The Last Jedi's story in any way!"

The Last Jedi update has arrived in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This first major dollop of DLC is free and brings new heroes (Finn and Phasma), new maps (Crait and D'Qar), new hero ships (Tallie Lintra and an upgrade for Poe) and new story chapters.

Importantly, these new story chapters will not spoil The Last Jedi film. Here are the spoiler guidelines tweeted by Battlefront 2 writer Mitch Dyer.

If you're going into the film totally blind, play the DLC after the movie!

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New Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer shows older Iden Versio and someone else

EA DICE has put out a new trailer for The Last Jedi content coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week, and in it we get a glimpse at Iden Versio, the game's single-player story protagonist, decades later as an older lady.

I can't think of many games which have a storyline revolving around an older lady, so it's nice to see.

We're also given a glimpse of a person whose identity we've wondered about since the end of Battlefront 2's campaign, if you catch my drift - but there's no groundbreaking revelation to report.

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EA not giving up on microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2

"For us it's a great learning experience..."

For nearly two weeks the ability to buy controversial loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been unavailable, greying out the issue of the game being pay-to-win. EA said the ability to spend money in the game would return at "a later date" but we haven't heard anything since.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 physical sales down 60% on Battlefront 1

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched with 60 per cent fewer physical sales than Star Wars Battlefront 1.

Battlefront 2's big budget release was ruined by, arguably, the biggest controversy in gaming this year. The game's in-game loot boxes and, to a lesser extent, the high requirements needed to unlock the game's roster of heroes sparked an eruption of anger from fans which EA has been unable to contain. The publisher has U-turned on both fronts - but many fans still consider the game to include pay-to-win mechanics.

In a dramatic and unprecedented move last Friday, EA temporarily switched off all in-game purchases just as Battlefront 2 went live - although it was too late to reverse fan feeling towards the game.

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StarCraft 2 Twitter account has a pop at Star Wars: Battlefront 2

"Number of pay-to-win mechanics in SC2..."

While EA continues to fight Star Wars: Battlefront 2 fires ahead of launch this Friday, there are others who sniff an opportunity. In this case it's rival mega-publisher Activision Blizzard, whose StarCraft 2 Twitter account had a pop at Battlefront 2 overnight.

After a day of outcry, upset and what's shaping up to be reddit's most downvoted comment ever, EA has responded to the fallout from Star Wars Battlefront 2's progression system, slashing hero costs so players can get their hands on characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker much, much quicker.

Star Wars Battlefront 2's free The Last Jedi DLC gets a release date

Star Wars Battlefront 2's free The Last Jedi DLC gets a release date

Finn! Phasma! Maps! Single-player missions!

EA has laid out the roadmap for December's The Last Jedi season of Star Wars Battlefront 2 content.

The main date to remember is 13th December. This is when new Hero and Villain characters Finn and Captain Phasma will arrive; when new planetary map Crait, and new Starfighter Assault map D'Qar, will arrive; and when Tallie Lintra's new A-wing Hero ship, as well as a new upgrade for Poe's X-wing, inspired by The Last Jedi, will arrive.

Phasma and Finn will be unlockable by spending in-game credits. EA did not mention using store-bought Crystals to unlock them.

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The price and state of Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates at launch

The 10-hour Star Wars Battlefront 2 trial is now live for EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC. This is the full version of the game, meaning we can use it to see how loot crates work at launch. The only restricted content is single-player, where three levels are available to play.

The 10-hour trial reveals the buyable currency in Star Wars Battlefront 2 as Crystals, which can be bought in bundles:

500 Crystals for £3.99/$4.99

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EA announces Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate and progression changes

Here it is. EA has announced how it will change the loot crate and progression system in Star Wars Battlefront 2, following the storm of controversy from the Battlefront 2 open beta multiplayer test.

This is not a fundamental overhaul, but more rewards are now earned through play and fewer simply gifted by getting lucky in a loot crate.

The highest tier of Star Card, epic (the variations are bronze, silver, gold, epic), has been removed from loot crates entirely. It is now only available by crafting. And crafting will be level restricted. "You won't be able to buy a bunch of crates, grind everything up into crafting materials and immediately use them to get super powerful Star Cards," said EA.

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Prizes being given to top 1000 Xbox Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta players

Did you make the top 1000 leaderboard for the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta on Xbox One? If you did you have won a prize! It may be a $60 gift card or free Xbox Live membership for one or three months, which isn't much good if you have a yearly recurring subscription but hey ho.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta leaderboard can be viewed online and seems to be dictated by time played, although that may not be the only metric at work.

The person who started a thread on the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit about the promotion placed 66th and received the $60 gift card. That person and their brother combined to play the SWBF2 beta for 75 hours, which demonstrates good sibling use.

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EA has extended the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta until Wednesday

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's public beta has been extended, and will now run until Wednesday October 11th, EA has announced.

The beta, which began last Wednesday for those with game pre-orders and opened for everyone else on Friday, was originally scheduled to end earlier today. However, a revised end-date was revealed on the official Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Twitter page earlier this evening, accompanied by a video of some very extravagant lawn trimming.

So far, feedback on the beta seems to have been broadly positive, but much of the weekend conversation has focussed on EA's rather exuberant implementation of monetised loot crates for the acquisition of core features such as weapons and skills. "Put simply," wrote Eurogamer's Robert Purchese of Battlefront 2's loot crate problem, "this is an exploitative and greedy system I'm surprised has made it this far".

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The biggest Star Wars Battlefront 2 killstreaks from the beta weekend

Who has been the most effective Hero or Villain during the open beta weekend for Star Wars Battlefront 2? Of the Force users it appears to be Mr children's party facepaint himself, Darth Maul.

His spinning attack (right bumper or equivalent on PC) helps him quickly close the gap to melee distance with enemies, which is proving awfully useful while romping around the Naboo palace grounds in the city of Theed. His Force choke-and-throw also gives him a way to deal with a pack of enemies, lifting all three or four of them into the air and then flinging them down where he can slice them into bite-size chunks.

Rey, by comparison, isn't quite as effective but she's no slouch either. She can block by holding the left trigger (or equivalent on PC), which Maul can't, and she can also charge forwards with her Dash Strike. Her Insight ability that reveals enemies isn't as clear as it once was, in alpha, but it can be useful nonetheless.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta now available to all

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta now available to all

We've got a good feeling about this.

The Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta is now open for everyone to play, following two days of early access for those who pre-ordered.

(Or, thanks to a GAME cock-up, for those who simply bought a code for 10p).

Fancy giving it a go? You can now head to Origin on PC, or the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 stores to get the beta downloading.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta codes were on sale at GAME today for 10p

UK shop GAME sold Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta codes this afternoon for the sum of £0.10 - although the link has now been removed.

The codes did work though - we tried it.

We contacted GAME and the retailer told us that the now-removed offer was a mistake - part of the bundle for pre-order customers which was inadvertently available to all:

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Star Wars film actor John Boyega narrates new Battlefront 2 trailer

Star Wars film actor John Boyega (Finn) narrates a new Battlefront 2 trailer that shows all aspects of the upcoming game.

Boyega cycles through locations, heroes, game modes, characters, classes and star cards in nearly five minutes of footage. He's hoping to show - and succeeds - how much more Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will offer as a game than Battlefront 1 did.

Boyega even got to remind us Finn will be a free downloadable character in December after the game is released. Remember, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 DLC packs will be free.

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Here's what's in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta

EA, via the PlayStation Blog, has announced the details of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta, which begins in early October.

The open beta kicks off on 6th October, but you can play two days early by pre-ordering the game. It ends on 9th October.

The beta lets you play Galactic Assault on Naboo. This is a 40-player battle on the streets of Theed. You choose from four trooper classes: Assault, Heavy, Officers and Specialists. Of course there are Star Wars heroes and prequel-era vehicles up for grabs, too.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 adds gameplay-affecting Loot Crate items

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 adds gameplay-affecting Loot Crate items

Star Cards can be upgraded with crafting parts.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's progression system will offer a drastic change from its predecessor.

As detailed by YouTuber BattlefrontUpdates, this sequel introduces Overwatch-like Loot Crates.

You buy these with credits that you acquire through simply playing the game, though you'll also receive a Daily Crate simply by logging in each day.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay leak shows Darth Maul, Rey

We're not headed to EA's E3 press conference for a few more hours yet, but gameplay footage from Star Wars Battlefront 2 is already available to watch on YouTube, for some reason.

More than 12 minutes of gameplay lies below, showing characters from a mix of Star Wars time periods.

There's prequel-era villain Darth Maul, original trilogy bounty hunter Boba Fett and The Force Awakens' Rey, all fighting on the streets of Theed - that's the large city on Naboo, Phantom Menace fans. Oh, and lots of Battle Droids.

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Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer reveals prequel and sequel trilogy characters

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly, EA is cracking down on the leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer.

The publisher has begun pulling it down from video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Expect an official reveal this Saturday during the Star Wars Celebration event.

ORIGINAL STORY: A little earlier than planned, EA's first teaser for Star Wars Battlefront 2 has popped up online.

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EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch

EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch

Promises series will improve on current Metacritic rating.

EA decided there would be no campaign in Star Wars Battlefront to make sure it could be released at the same time as Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

Patrick Soderlund, EA Studios boss, explained the decision last night in an investor broadcast where he touched on criticisms of the DICE-developed shooter.

The lack of a single-player campaign was a "conscious decision", Soderlund stated.

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Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

Amy Hennig's game to follow in 2018.

Star Wars: Battlefront will receive a sequel next year, publisher EA confirmed in a financial call earlier today.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise as Star Wars: Battlefront sold exceptionally well with over 14m copies shipped in just over four months.

EA also noted that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig's Star Wars game at Visceral will "most likely" launch in 2018.

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