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Star Trek: The Video Game review

Star Trek: The Video Game review

Where lots of games have gone before.

Star Trek doesn't belong in the modern games industry. Gene Roddenberry's idealistic space-faring parable was driven by big, heartfelt beliefs: multicultural co-existence, diplomacy, strategy and an unquenchable thirst to find new things and understand them.

As Captain Kirk, William Shatner may have conspired to remove his shirt at every available opportunity, and he was always ready with a phaser or a two-fisted punch, but Star Trek was never about action. Today's blockbuster games, however, are nothing but action. Headshots are simply easier to execute and market than negotiation.

How has developer Digital Extremes squared this circle? By taking a naval captain and a scientist and turning them into infantrymen. Purely from a military protocol point of view, that's all kinds of wrong.

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