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Why Star Trek won't be another Aliens: Colonial Marines

Paramount's learnt from other movie tie-ins, and is keen not to repeat the mistakes.

Paramount's forthcoming Star Trek tie-in game is looking to distance itself from the negativity surrounding fellow big name sci-fi outing Aliens: Colonial Marines by delivering an authentic experience that pools all the talent of the big screen version, according to its producers.

Star Trek Scotty release date: 26th April 2013

Star Trek Scotty release date: 26th April 2013

Nearly time to phaser music.

The new Star Trek made by Digital Extremes (The Darkness 2) now has a firm release date: 26th April 2013.

This was announced yesterday but I missed it because of mince pies.

If you really can't wait and want to place a pre-order then you'll be rewarded with an Elite Office Pack. Stuffed in are extra costumes for Kirk and Spock as well as a couple of weapons: a Starfleet Type 4 Stealth Sniper Rifle and an Academy Phaser.

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