Star Trek Online News

Star Trek Online boldly goes to PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

F2P MMORPG offers over six years of content.

Star Trek Online in-game Leonard Nimoy memorials unveiled

Statues added to Vulcan and New Romulus.

Star Trek Online players pay their respects to Leonard Nimoy

Cryptic will add an in-game memorial to Spock.

Star Trek Online nude patch accidentally outed by virtual peeping tom

Voyeur-ger caught selling outlawed patch to others.

Star Trek Online free-to-play launch date

Subscribers to get monthly pocket money.

Star Trek Online free-to-play details

Subscription option remains open.

Star Trek Online free-to-play this year

It Scotty "bigger potential" that way.

Perfect World buys Cryptic Studios

Chinese MMOer gets STO, Champions.

Atari to offload Champions Online studio

Cryptic Studios a "discontinued operation".

Star Trek Online gets Foundry tools

Have a Jean-Luc at this.

Champions' F2P switch does the business

Early TDU2 sales meet expectations.

STO mission-maker next month

Community federation.

Cryptic Studios props up Atari figures

Encourages publisher to move focus online.

Will Star Trek Online go free-to-play?

Will Champions get user-generated content?

Make own Star Trek Online missions

Cryptic's MMO revamp idea two.

Busy Cryptic won't forget STO, Champions

They "chug along", says Jack Emmert.

Cryptic has "several other projects"

Besides Star Trek, Champions, Neverwinter.

Cryptic: we must improve for Neverwinter

Boss admits STO, Champions lacked polish.

Star Trek Online moves into Season Two

New level cap, game price slashed to $20.

Star Trek Online plans new faction, UGC

Diplomacy, minigames, raised level cap, more.

New Cryptic game reveal in late summer

People will be "pleased and a bit surprised".

New STO raids introduce the Borg

Challenging content opens today.

UK charts: Mass Effect 2 holds on to top

Plus: Dante's Infourno, Star Trek in at 11.

Cryptic selling playable races in STO

Klingons and Ferengi available at launch.

Euro Star Trek Online open beta begins

Be quick, space is limited.

Spock to voice Star Trek Online tutorials

The one off the new film, not Nimoy.

Star Trek Online open beta dated

We're all Kirk-a-hoop.

Star Trek Online system specs revealed

Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 2 dilithium crystals.

Star Trek Online out in February

Cryptic has its Kirk and eats it.

Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs

Cryptic says business side to blame.

STO Klingons require unlocking - Cryptic

Joined by Romulans, Cardassians later.

Star Trek Online outfit free with Blu-rays

Admiral uniform with Star Trek season 3.

Champions Online 360 this year - Atari

Star Trek Online by March 2010.

No Captain Kirk in Star Trek Online

It just wouldn't make historical sense.

Atari buys MMO developer Cryptic

Studio has third game in development.

Champions and Star Trek MMOs for PS3?

Cryptic looking for coder to port engine.

New details on Star Trek Online combat

Direct ship control, Vulcan nerve pinch is in.

New details emerge of Star Trek Online

You'll be able to customise loads of stuff.

Star Trek Online to feature PVP, classes

More details emerge from official FAQ.

Star Trek Online out within three years

"It's a lot closer than you may think."

Spock to unveil Star Trek Online

Leonard Nimoy mind-melds with Cryptic.

Star Trek Online for PC and console

You have the helm, Mr Cryptic.

Cryptic Studios to announce new MMO

July reveal expected to be Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online back on track?

You! What planet is this?

Perpetual cans Gods & Heroes

Focusing on Star Trek Online.

Star Trek MMORPG in development

But you'll need a wormhole to 2007 to play it now.