Star Ocean: The Last Hope News

Star Ocean developer tri-Ace acquired by Japanese mobile company

Resonance of Fate dev to make smartphone games.

Star Ocean PS3 dated for Europe

Language supremo version for Feb.

MS helps PS3 projects blossom - report

Dev explains 360 exclusivity loophole.

Star Ocean: TLH heading to PS3

International SKU for Japan in February.

UK charts: The Sims 3 rides high

Red Faction close, Star Ocean not.

Star Ocean 4 gets firm Euro date

The Last Hope for 360 in early June.

Star Ocean coming to 360 in June

That still counts as spring, says Squenix.

Star Ocean 360 gets US/Japanese date

Out early next year. Europe date TBC.

Star Ocean 4 to be Xbox 360 exclusive?

"No plans" for PS3 version, says Square Enix.

Square Enix reveals 360 release dates

Star Ocean, Last Remnant, Inf. Undiscovery.

Star Ocean-themed PSP revealed

Nothing confirmed for Europe.