Star Ocean: The Last Hope


Star Ocean developer tri-Ace acquired by Japanese mobile company

Resonance of Fate dev to make smartphone games.

Star Ocean PS3 dated for Europe

Language supremo version for Feb.

MS helps PS3 projects blossom - report

Dev explains 360 exclusivity loophole.

Star Ocean: TLH heading to PS3

International SKU for Japan in February.

UK charts: The Sims 3 rides high

Red Faction close, Star Ocean not.

Star Ocean 4 gets firm Euro date

The Last Hope for 360 in early June.

Star Ocean coming to 360 in June

That still counts as spring, says Squenix.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Plenty of space for this JRPG.

Star Ocean 360 gets US/Japanese date

Out early next year. Europe date TBC.

Star Ocean 4 to be Xbox 360 exclusive?

"No plans" for PS3 version, says Square Enix.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Space adventures for 360 in 2009.

Square Enix reveals 360 release dates

Star Ocean, Last Remnant, Inf. Undiscovery.

Star Ocean-themed PSP revealed

Nothing confirmed for Europe.