Star Citizen News

Star Citizen now has a city in the clouds

No. I don't have a landing permit.

Try Star Citizen for free with its latest Free Fly event

"You can also experience the dogfighting action of Arena Commander."

Here's how Star Citizen's survival mechanic "Actor Status" will work

"Star Citizen's not a survival game in the traditional sense."

Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games settle Star Citizen lawsuit

Joint stipulation of dismissal to be filed within 30 days.

You can now beat stuff up with your fists in Star Citizen

"I couldn't imagine a better way to close out the year for Star Citizen."

Star Citizen has now raised over $250m in crowdfunding

With a whopping $9.5m in November alone.

Star Citizen's 12-day Free Fly event kicks off this Sunday

In celebration of tomorrow's CitizenCon.

Star Citizen gets caves

Mine your own business.

Star Citizen's week-long free-play event is now underway

Check out the new flight model, megacity, and more.

Six years later, Star Citizen is still raking it in

Just under 300,000 made in just one day.

Star Citizen is free to try right now

Gamescom Free Fly Weekend running until Monday.

Star Citizen, I am disappointed

A space time conundrum.

Star Citizen maker launches fiery legal defence against Crytek

"This action should never have been filed."

The Star Citizen makers are being sued by Crytek

But dismiss it as "meritless" and will defend "vigorously".

Star Citizen is selling virtual plots of land for up to 96 a pop

As part of a mechanic that is not yet available in a game that's not yet out.

Star Citizen's big alpha 3.0 release slips again

"There's certainly no malice behind it..." dev explains.

Star Citizen studio seeks to calm fan fears it faces financial issues

Statement details tax loan to "prevent misinformation".

Star Citizen impresses at CitizenCon with big new procedural planets video

Is that a Mako? Are they sand people? And is that a giant worm?

Landing on a planet in Star Citizen looks spectacular

"We don't have any clip range or draw range."

Through gritted teeth, Star Citizen developer gives player whopping $2500 refund

"Takebacks are not compatible with the whole concept of crowdfunding."

Star Citizen is free to play this week

Single-player story splits from main game on Valentine's Day.

Watch Star Citizen reveal procedurally generated planets

UPDATE: Second video demonstrates seamless space to surface transition.

Star Citizen soars past $100m as alpha 2.0 launches

Prompts call for game-spending regulations from Big Pharma dev.

Star Citizen hires heavyweight Hollywood cast for Squadron 42

Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Andy Serkis, John Rhys Davies...

Star Citizen, feature creep and money

"Now I'll answer those claims in one word: Bulls**t!"

Star Citizen FPS called Star Marine

Cloud Imperium Games takes aim.

Star Citizen patch 1.1 makes big changes, adds two new spaceships

You have to reinstall the entire game client.

Star Citizen's client expected to be around 100GB

Gargantuan space adventure raises nearly $75m.

Star Citizen progress continues with Arena Commander 1.0 launch

Many ships can - finally - be flown in-game.

Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled

FPS module created by Nexuiz developer Illfonic.

Chris Roberts unveils Star Citizen planetside gameplay

UPDATE: higher quality video of the demo released.

Star Citizen races past $50m mark after selling new space ships

Milestone shattered as racing mode revealed.

As delayed Star Citizen dogfighting goes live, Chris Roberts responds to critics

"I can assure you that the whole team is committed to making the best game possible."

Chris Roberts explains Star Citizen dogfighting module delay

"It would be foolish to release an unstable build."

Star Citizen dev overturns forum ban on user who called for female-only group

"Cloud Imperium Games is not in the business of preventing women from playing our game."

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen won't sell to a bigger company

After Oculus Facebook deal, Roberts reassures backers.

Star Citizen raises astronomical $40m

To infinity... and more stretch goals.

Star Citizen and Kingdom Come devs share tech secrets in "unofficial partnership"

"Star Citizen doesn't need peasants and knights... but it does need a robust character creation system."

Star Citizen raises an astronomical $35m

As Chris Roberts explains Dogfighting module delay.

Roberts vows Star Citizen "will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform"

No current-gen version, but PS4 and Xbox One possible.

Star Citizen raises an incredible $18m, announces $20m stretch goal

UPDATE: $20m stretch goal unlocked. $22m goal announced.

First playable Star Citizen module out next week

Console versions not ruled out, and Chris Robert's game is now 100 per cent community funded.

Star Citizen passes $10m raised mark

Number one crowd funded project of all time.

What a year Kickstarter had in 2012

How many game ideas do you think were pitched?

Star Citizen test footage shows space ships in formation, cockpit view

Two years from “anything that would be called final”.

Star Citizen takes to Kickstarter for additional support

Pledges will still be tied to your Roberts Space Industries account.

Wing Commander creator asks fans if he should put his new space sim on Kickstarter

As Star Citizen crowd funding effort hits 40% of its goal with 24 days left.