Stadia News

Google Stadia's director for games leaves to join Google Cloud

"Gaming is one of the key verticals we are investing in."

Stadia announces new revenue schemes to try and tempt more developers

Payouts for recurring play of Pro games, or for converting customers to subscribers.

Google wants you to know Stadia is still "alive and well"

"I'd tell any non-believers to take notice of how we're continuing to put our words into action."

Stadia staff join Jade Raymond at Haven Studios

Including ex-Assassin's Creed narrative director.

Google distances itself from Stadia dev's suggestion streamers should pay publishers of games they broadcast

"We believe publishers and creators have a wonderful symbiotic relationship."

Google announces 16 new Stadia games, including five exclusives

Splash Damage! Harmonix! Supermassive! Sekiro! More!

Stadia Pro is currently free for two months

UPDATE: Basic version now free to all, permanently.

Google announces Stadia, its bold new game streaming service

Controller shown, Doom Eternal confirmed.