SSX Videos

Video | SSX Mt. Eddie, Classic Characters DLC trailer

New expansions now on Xbox Marketplace.

Digital Foundry | SSX Xbox 360/PS3 Performance Analysis

A rock-solid 30 frames per second on both current generation console platforms.

Digital Foundry | SSX: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 Face-Off Video

One of the closest cross-platform consoles games Digital Foundry has looked at.

Video | Pro snowboarder plays SSX at 4,248m

On top of Mont Blanc, at -30C.

Video | SSX trailer glides in wingsuit gameplay

Snowboarding series returns next week on PS3, Xbox 360.

Video | Latest SSX trailer reveals online features

Brand new GeoTags feature slopes in.

Video | Latest SSX trailer features Kaori Nishidake

Another snowboarding veteran back on the slopes.

Video | Latest SSX trailer adds Eddie Wachowski

EA's ski spectacular goes downhill 2nd March.

Video | Latest SSX footage with snowboarder Travis Rice

"These are the mind-temples we search for."

Video | SSX footage shows off geo-tagging

EA's deadly descents coming 2nd March in UK.

Video | Latest SSX trailer reveals Mac Fraser

Series vet back in March reboot.

Video | SSX trailer stars snowboarder Travis Rice

Ice cool pro talks up EA's slopes.

Video | Latest SSX trailer gets tricky

Fresh snow-capped footage from EA.

Video | Fresh SSX footage races for survival

Night-time races and hazards shown off.

Video | Fresh SSX footage defies reality

EA shows its mountains of madness.

Video | SSX pre-alpha gameplay footage

It's all downhill from here.

Video | SSX cinematic trailer cruises in

Snowboarding reboot lands early 2012.

Video | Latest SSX footage shows off Mac

Classic character back on his board.

Video | SSX video reveals intricate level design

Locations! Jumps! In-game alpha footage!

Video | First SSX: Deadly Descents dev diary

EA Canada on renewing the franchise.