EA registers SSX domains

Is SSX: Deadly Descent about to drop?

Speculation is rampant that a new game in the SSX series is in the works after internet sleuths spotted EA- registered domains relating to the arcade snowboarding franchise.

Moore: No word on new SSX

Would need to "make it relevant".

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has told Eurogamer that there are no current plans to resurrect the SSX series of snowboarding games.

Retrospective: SSX 3

Flying solo.

SSX 3 was ostensibly the first game in EA's legendary snowboarding series to feature online play. I say "ostensibly" because whenever I bothered to string an ethernet cable across the room and connect my PS2 to the EA mothership, my reward was an empty lobby. Nothing could have been more fitting. SSX 3 is not a game about community or friendly competition; rather, it shows us the bliss of achieving greatness in solitude. It was among the last games of its kind.

EA will look into an SSX revival

Outcome depends on you, apparently.

EA Montreal trouser-wearer Alain Tascan has admitted there is a lot of love for the SSX snowboarding series at the studio, and said that a revival may be on the cards - particularly if the market (that's you) demands it.



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