Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly

Crash Bandcoot N.Sane Trilogy did the business for Activision - and now everyone wants a Spyro remaster next

The successful release of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy has lit a fire in the hearts of Spyro fans, who hope the adventure series will be Activision's next remaster.

It seems what was once considered a pipe dream could be a step closer to actually happening.

Spyro the Dragon is a platformer that casts players in the role of Spyro, a young, purple dragon who is accompanied on his journeys by a dragonfly called Sparx. Here's a trailer for the first game in the series, released for the PS1 in 1998.

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Vivendi sued over seizures

Accused of "negligence".

Vivendi and Sony have come under fire from an American woman who claims Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly caused her son to have an epileptic seizure, which has left him with permanent disabilities.