Sprinkle Islands

Sprinkle Islands review

Sprinkle Islands review

The squirt locker.

As a species, we're drawn to water. It keeps us alive, but that doesn't explain our fascination with its tactile properties. Show us a pool of water and we want to dive in, splash around or at least have a little paddle. More than that, we're captivated by the way water moves. Children are still endlessly amused by the way an empty squeezy bottle can be transformed into an impromptu water pistol, and even the most stoic of adults can't resist a playful squirt with the hosepipe while tending to the shrubbery.

It's this aspect of water that drives Sprinkle Islands, an effortlessly charming physics puzzler from the inappropriately modest Mediocre Games.

Depicted in whimsical pastel hues, Sprinkle Islands gives you control of a rickety go-kart style fire engine. You roll through the scenery until a nearby fire forces you to stop. Put out the fire and you can continue on your way. You do this with your hose, which can be raised and lowered with intuitive swipes on the left side of the screen, while a button on the right starts the water flowing.

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