Sports Champions

Move is precise enough  Sony

Most games "not taxing it to full accuracy".

Sony is able to improve the accuracy of motion-sensing controller Move through firmware updates to the PlayStation 3 but it may decide not to.

UK chart: Halo: Reach rockets to top

As PlayStation Move arrives.

Bungie's final Halo game - Halo: Reach - has stormed to the top of the UK all-formats chart, becoming Microsoft's biggest ever launch title and the fifth largest UK release ever.

Sports Champions

Sports Champions

Anyone for bocce?

What does it take to be a sporting champion? Along with physical prowess you must show grit, dedication and determination. You must be willing to make sacrifices and stay focused. On top of all this you must be a stupidly hot woman or hilariously ugly man, and display at least three characteristics stereotypically ascribed to people of your race or nationality.

At least, that's the case if you want to be the kind of sporting champion featured in Sports Champions. But more of that later - let's start with the good news. Sports Champions, despite being yet another compilation of mini-games played by waving a motion controller about as if you're playing a real sport really badly, is actually quite good.

The reasons for this boil down to two simple factors. First, PlayStation Move works. It enables you to aim, hit, throw and do all sorts of other sports-related things easily and accurately. Unlike with so many Wii games, reticules don't wibble, bats don't jiggle and attempts to put spin on balls aren't misinterpreted. There's rarely any perceptible lag and objects almost always behave just as you'd expect them to.

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FeaturePlayStation Move: Sports Champions

A chat with producer Olivier Banal.

Never mind all that general election nonsense - this year's real battle for hearts and minds is being fought by Sony and Microsoft. The platform holders are going head-to-head, clashing over whether virtual pre-pubescent boys and invisible steering wheels are better than magic colour-changing ping pong balls on sticks. Makes a change from tax breaks and immigration, anyway.

PlayStation Move

We only played everything.

At last, Sony's new motion controller has a name. And it's not Arc or Gem, as you'll know if you read our live text blog or the rumours floating around the internet before the press conference even kicked off. As soon as it was over the audience flocked to the room next door, where Sony had set up 30 demo stations to show off the first batch of PlayStation Move games.