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Spore: Galactic Adventures

Spore: Galactic Adventures

Space invaders.

My first captain of infinite space got his oversized hat inextricably caught in a low-hanging tree. The second saviour of the known universe got atomised by an exploding custard pie he dropped on his foot. By the time I restarted the training mission, for the third attempt, I was prepared to give up the whole idea of user-generated content as a bad joke. After all, if the Maxis Illuminati couldn't make a mission, the first tutorial in the game, that didn't piss you off entirely, how could they expect anyone else to?

Galactic Adventures continues the overriding Spore theme of user-generated content, extending it to level-editing (though in Spore's case, it's more planet-editing). And hence turning the endless drab Gnosh-infested wastelands (oh, those blasted Gnosh. If one thing broke Spore, beyond the overly basic gameplay at every level, it was the endless depredations of tedious enemy races nicking your planets as your miniscule empire expanded, making progression more depressing than hitting 29 in Kudos) into a quest-packed paradise, replete with random missions generated by your fellow users. 

When they get there. At the moment there are a few Maxis missions, a bunch of confused journalists uploading bizarre half-hearted test pieces and a handful of Robot Chicken-created episodes. Including one about a war between bananas and monkeys which, apparently having been made in half a day, is the best advert for what you can do with the game if you put your mind to it. 

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