Split/Second: Velocity Videos

Digital Foundry | Split/Second performance analysis

360 has the edge in this close-fought battle.

Digital Foundry | Split/Second: Velocity 360/PS3 Face-Off

Black Rock's latest running on both HD consoles.

Video | All about the design of Split/Second

See what happened on the drawing board.

Video | Split/Second Airplane Graveyard lap

When everything goes off in one lap.

Video | Split/Second: first 15 minutes

Find out how Black Rock's racer begins.

Video | Survival mode in Split/Second

Chase the big-rigs and dodge the barrels. Simple.

Video | Split/Second's Airstrike mode

Danger close! Danger close!

Video | Race footage from Split/Second: Velocity

Ranked Elite Race from the end of an 'episode'.

Video | Devs talk up Split/Second audio

How it contributes to the experience.

Video | Split/Second: Velocity - helicopter fights!

Air Strike and Air Revenge modes detailed.

Video | Split-Second Demo PS3/360 Analysis

Head-to-head comparison of Black Rock's demo.

Video | The cars and tracks of Split/Second

The staff at Brighton's Black Rock talk tracks and traction.

Video | Exclusive Split/Second footage

We put the 360 demo through its paces.

Video | Split/Second - Docks trailer

One of the stars of the EG Expo.

Video | Exclusive Split/Second powerplays trailer

How it works, sexy gameplay footage.