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Which games get your heart racing the most?

Like many people, I've been been playing a lot of Black Ops lately. A little too much, perhaps. When you smear yourself in camo paint and start looking for decent camping spots on your way to the bus stop, you know you're overdoing it.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Split/Second

Digital Foundry gets technical with tech director David Jefferies.

Next week Eurogamer runs its review of Disney's Split/Second: Velocity, a brand new racing game from Brighton's Black Rock studio, the developer responsible for the superb Pure.

Split/Second: Velocity Multiplayer

Spend a little time together.

I'm on the train home from Disney's London offices and I'm wondering whether Black Rock has overdone the realism of Split/Second's crashes a little bit.


Fire works.

"The one iconic action sequence that comes up time and time again is that idea of a big articulated lorry attacking the smaller hero car." Nick Baynes, game director on Split/Second, is about to show us a New Feature!


Handling with care.

At the risk of labouring an already witless introductory riff, now they're cheating. It's my third visit to Black Rock to catch up with Split/Second, the racing game where everyone can set off explosions and route-changing demolitions by filling a "powerplay" bar with the proceeds of skilful driving, and despite visit two having been a hands-on, I'm now told by developers Nick Baynes and Paul Glancey that they've scrapped the handling model and built a new one. Thanks guys.


Project got 'em!

I'm cheating - again! The first time we saw Split/Second it was for GDC at the end of March, and we saw it in Brighton. This time - the first hands-on - is the E3 demo. Never mind the fact E3 isn't for another month; I'm still perched on a sofa in a Black Rock demo room flanked by cabinets full of PS2 and Xbox racing games (Dakar 2! GTC Africa!), while design director Paul Glancey talks me through half a dozen attempts to conquer the airport lap playable demo. I conquer it twice, and manage a couple of other respectable placings.

I'm cheating. Technically this is a Game Developers Conference preview - the first opportunity to sit down and experience Black Rock's brand new racing game - but I'm not in San Francisco, I'm two minutes up the road from our office, sitting behind black-out curtains in the Disney studio's conference room, as Split/Second argues that Pure was anything but a fluke.