Specs Ops: The Line Videos

VideoWatch: PTSD and video games

Low Batteries episode 3.

Digital FoundrySpec Ops: The Line PS3/PC Comparison Video

Max settings PC version compared with the slightly pared back PS3 game, head-to-head at 720p.

Digital FoundrySpec Ops: The Line Xbox 360/PC Comparison Video

A direct 720p comparison between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Spec Ops: The Line.

Digital FoundrySpec Ops: The Line - DFPC 768p vs 1080p Performance Video

See how the game stacks up on our Pentium G840/Radeon HD 6770/4GB DDR3 budget 300 gaming rig. Optimisation issues cause big problems, but 1080p is likeably consistent.

Digital FoundrySpec Ops: The Line Xbox 360/PS3 Performance Analysis Video

Screen-tear is the aspect that separates the two console versions, with the Xbox 360 game having the upper hand.

Digital FoundrySpec Ops: The Line Xbox 360/PS3 Comparison Video

Head-to-head clips showing this new Unreal Engine 3-powered game in action on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

VideoExclusive Spec Ops: The Line gameplay

Dubai or not to buy? Eurogamer goes hands-on with the demo.

VideoSpec Ops: The Line multiplayer gameplay

Sandstorms! Avalanche traps! Invisibility!

VideoNew Spec Ops: The Line developer diary

Lead writer Walt Williams talks Dubai.

VideoStunning Spec Ops: The Line teaser trailer

2K's Dubai-set shooter dune next year.

VideoSpec Ops: The Line footage

There's a desert? Time to invade!

VideoSpec Ops: The Line takes you to Dubai

Sandy tale of betrayal from Yager.