Space Hulk

Space Hulk review

The passion of fandom can be a double-edged sword. In the case of Space Hulk, it's a power sword wielded by a man in ridiculously chunky armour, but it still cuts deeply.

This is the first Space Hulk game since 1993, a fact that Danish indie Full Control is sure to remind you of whenever the loading screens get a chance. There's pent up demand for another digital version of Games Workshop's influential 1980s board game and the developer is clearly such a fan of the source material that it often trips over its own feet, producing a game that is both incredibly faithful and distractingly scrappy. It's more awestruck tribute than actual adaptation.

The game itself is ingenious, thanks to Games Workshop's ruthlessly simple yet devilishly unforgiving ruleset. Space Hulk is an asymmetrical turn-based strategy game, pitting bulky armoured space marines against skittering alien Genestealers inside the belly of an abandoned and drifting spaceship.

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